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Press Ephemera Collection

Caliban Press

  • Announcement, In Edward's Garden by Dermot Bolger; When Miles Split! by Amiri Baraka; and Houses of Mercy by Frank C. Eckmair
  • Announcement, Caliban Press: Letterpress Books and Pamphlets, 1985-1997, an exhibition of books designed, printed and published by Mark McMurray. November 7 – December 12, 1997.

Carriage House Press

  • Prospectus, The Goldbeaters of Mandalay: An Account of Hand Papermaking in Burma Today by Elaine Koretsky and Donna Koretsky.

Center for Book Arts

  • Prospectus, Aureole to Zingaresca: An Exotic Alphabet Book, designed, printed and illustrated by Maureen Cummins in conjunction with the Cneter for the Book Arts, 1994.

Chama Press

  • Prospectus, Artistry in Single Action by Halton Henderson with photographs by Charles DeBus.
  • "Artistry in Single Action is Also Art of the Book," two-page description.
  • Prospectus, Self-Portrait with Birds by John Graves with wood engravings by John DePol.
  • Prospectus, Cynthia Ann Parker by James T. DeShields.

Cheloniidae Press

  • Prospectus, Leda: In Praise of the Blessings of Darkness by Pierre Louÿs with illustrations by Alan James Robinson
  • Prospectus, Cheloniidae – Sea Turtles, 1987
  • List of publications.
  • Prospectus, A Fowl Alphabet: Twenty-Six Wood Engravings by Alan James Robinson, 1986.
  • Prospectus, The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe
  • Bookmark, The Nightingale and the Rose by Oscar Wilde

Chimaera Press

  • Prospectus, Two Tales by Edgar Allan Poe with lithographs by Charles Keeping.

Close-Grip Press

  • Prospectus, Wrestlers.

Coffee House Press

  • List of publications, Spring 1993.
  • List of letterpress imprints
  • Catalogue, spring 1991.
  • Catalogue, fall/winter 1992.
  • Catalogue, fall 1984.
  • Brochure, list of publications, spring 1985.
  • Brochure, Morning Coffee Chapbooks.
  • Catalog, fall/winter 1991-1992.

Colorado College, The Press at

  • Catalogue of books in print.
  • Prospectus, Fire in the Wax Museum by John Drury, 1980.

Contre Coup Press

  • Keepsake, On the Profession of Type Designing, 1981.
  • Business card, Hawley, Timothy (a.k.a. Theophile Homard).
  • Keepsake, "I'd like to thank the guy who wrote the song that made my baby fall in love with me."
  • Keepsake, "The Haunted Platen Press."
  • Keepsake, "For my Daddy," 1982.
  • Keepsake, "Printing Periodicals," 1982.
  • Prospectus, Mrs. Ira Gale Tompkins' Journal and Record of Events, Dec. 1874 – April 1877, 1984.

Coracle Press

  • Brochure, The books of Jonathan Williams, checklist 1952-1979

Crabgrass Press

  • Keepsake, "Words on Paper," 1978

Cranium Press

  • Checklist of books printed in fine limited editions at Cranium Press San Francisco including current and forthcoming publications available directly from the publisher, 1975.

Crippled Turtle, Press of the

Box 4, FF 1. Ephemera related the Tabard Inn, an informal group of University of Missouri students and faculty interested in writing

  • Summons to initiation (2 forms)
  • Source book of information on Tabard Inn
  • Membership card
  • Notices and menus, etc. related to the semi-annual Tabard banquets (6 pieces)
  • Keepsakes (usually distributed at banquets)
  • R.M.N. (tribute to Robert M. Neal) – 1947
  • Ambergris
  • Oyez Habeus Crapus – 1948
  • On Peering through the Mirror
  • Blame Not My Lute – 1951
  • Strings Variously Plucked On – 1950
  • Christmas Tales for Children – 1948
  • Redhot
  • Tabard Driblets – 1949
  • From One Who Could Not Attend – 1948
  • A Fyresyde Chat in ye Tyme of ye Tudors – 1951.
  • Announcement of meeting with John G. Neihardt
  • Return Notice of rejection slips
  • Reservation card for Wayzgoose Dinner
  • Membership cards in Pi, typographer's fraternity (3)
  • Ye Olde Tabard Inne (broadside)
  • Membership card in the Society of Tabard Inn

Box 4, FF 2. Ephemera related the Tabard Inn, an informal group of University of Missouri students and faculty interested in writing

  • Verses by F.L. Mott on his 75th birthday (broadside) – 1961
  • Program of portrait ceremony for F.L. Mott – 1961
  • Christmas scroll for Mr. And Mrs. F.L. Mott – 1961
  • De Erratis (small broadside) – 1947
  • Christmas Folder for Mr. And Mrs. William Peden
  • Ex Libris – 5 bookplates
  • Theater program for workshop production of Twelfth Night – 1948
  • Song of the Printer by David Deutsch (small broadside)
  • Prayer for Thanksgiving (folder) – 1948
  • Christmas Diatribe (folder) for Mr. And Mrs. Paul Fisher – 1950
  • Thomas Carlyle to Jane Welsh (broadside)
  • The Blessedness of Rationalism by James Beattie (broadside)
  • The Practice of Typography by Daniel D. Updike (broadside)
  • Card for beggars, "Friend, your tale has touched my heart…"
  • Paterfamilias by Paul Fisher – 1951
  • Cacoethes Scribendi by Paul Fisher – 1951
  • The Printing Press by Robert H. Davis (6 examples designed and printed by as many students of the Linotype School)
  • Letter from Frank L. Mott to Lewis Atherton, 14 August 1956
  • Letter to subscribers of Oldtime Comments on Journalism from Frank Luther Mott, 18 December 1954
  • Letter to subscribers of Oldtime Comments on Journalism from Frank Luther Mott, 15 August 1956
  • Letter to subscribers of Oldtime Comments on Journalism from Frank Luther Mott and Paul Fisher, 20 February 1960
  • Other Publications
  • American Essays by Paul L. Fisher – 1950
  • Consider the Lowly 'Prentice by Paul Fisher – 1951
  • At the Rainbow's End – A Slug by Paul Fisher – 1951
  • The Typographical Howitzer by Sam Davis – 1949
  • Wordsmanship by Erskine Caldwell – 1961
  • Four Kappa Tau Alpha Addresses, 1955-1958 by Frank Luther Mott – 1960. 3 copies.
  • Four Kappa Tau Alpha Addresses by Frank Luther Mott – 1955. 3 copies.
  • Four Addresses to the Missouri Chapter of Kappa Tau Alpha by Frank Luther Mott –1950. one of 250 copies, unnumbered.
  • Oldtime Comments on Journalism
    • Volume One:
      • Ben Jonson's 1625 Satire on News – January 1953 (3 copies)
      • An Essay on Sensationalism in the Press by Fisher Ames – February 1953 (5 copies)
      • The Porcupine and the Pole-Cat by H.H. Brackenridge – April 1953 (3 copies)
      • Liang Chi-Chao's Comments on Journalism – July 1953 (2 copies)
      • Mark Twain's Journalism in Tennessee – September 1955 (2 copies)
      • A Whip for the News-Writers – July 1956 (4 copies)
      • Benjamin Franklin on Newspapers (misnumbered 6) – December 1956 (2 copies)
      • Alex Sweet on Texas Journalism – April 1958 (2 copies)
    • Volume Two:
      • The Case and Tryal on John Peter Zenger – December 1954 (3 copies)
    • Volume Three:
      • Thomas Nast Pictures of Civil War Reporters – November 1959
      • Jenkins – August 1960
  • Curtis, Winterton C. "Them Was the Days…" Reprinted from Missouri Alumnus, April 1952. Inscribed by the author
  • Mott, Frank Luther. "Missouri Reprints Old Journalism Comments." Reprinted from Editor and Publisher, 23 April 1955.

Cummington Press

  • List of publications, 1949.
  • Brochure, Book Arts Celebration: 50 Years of the Cummington Press, 1989.

Cummins, Maureen

  • Prospectus, Checkbook.
  • Prospectus, Crazy Quilt, 1999.

Dahlstrom, Grant

  • Booklet, "Picture of a period, or memories of the Gay Nineties." 1950.

Detroit Institute of Arts Founders Society

  • Prospectus, The Legend of John Brown, 1979.

Die Ananase Press

  • Card, "Season's Greetings…", 1983
  • Broadside, "Written upon seeing a picture card of the Kirkstone pass…", 1985

Dov Press

  • Prospectus, The Clouds by Harry Rand with lithographs by Elaine Kurtz.
  • Prospectus, Color Color by Harry Rand with illustrations by Julian Stanczak.

Duensing, Paul Hayden

  • Keepsake, "Apologia Typographicum."
  • Proposed Draft for a Syllabus of Typographic Taxonomy, 1980.
  • Brochure, Bibliotheca Typographica

Duschnes, Philip C.

  • Prospectus, Selective check lists of press books by Will Ransom.
  • Advance notice, October House Classics.
  • Prospectus, B.R. Marks & Remarks.

Ecco Press

  • Prospectus, Dante's Inferno: Translations by twenty contemporary poets with frontispiece by Francesco Clemente.

Edizioni Ampersand

  • Prospectus, Un coup de dés jamais n'abolira le hazard by Stéphane Mallarmé, 1987.
  • Leaflet, "Edizioni Ampersand: Hand-printed limited edition books," 1987.

Elephant's Foot Press

  • Prospectus, Marmalade: Drifts, Gists, Versions, Drafts and Takes from the poems of Stéphane Mallarmé by William Benton with prints by James McGarrell.

Elm Press

  • Prospectus, An Afternoon at Les Collettes by Enid Mark, 1988.

Elysium Press

  • Books in print, 1999.

Erespin Press

  • Keepsake, "A Compliment," 1986

Enschedé en Zonen, Joh.

  • Booklet, New Year's Eve/Oudejaarsavond by Charles Lamb, 1957.
  • Booklet, Les fêtes de Hollande by Gérard de Nerval, 1955. 2 copies bound in different marbled papers.

Ettan Press

  • Prospectus, The Tempations of a Saint by Edouard Roditi, 1980.

Ex Ophidia

  • Ex-Ophidia standing order plan (letters and order form).
  • Catalogue of books in print, 1987. 2 copies.