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Press Ephemera Collection

Press unknown and miscellaneous

  • Keepsake card with quotation from Abraham Lincoln, January 1, 1951. Schlosser Paper Corporation.
  • Greeting card, "Greetings from the Home & the Heart of the Golds.Cote d'Or in the Adirondacks."
  • Booklet, Responsibility: A Sermon, by Daniel Russell. 20 March 1938.
  • Keepsake, "Oh! If There Were No Printers" by E.M. Heist, for Printing Week, 15-21 January 1950.
  • Keepsake, "Psalm to a Taxpayer," printed by the Congressional Record (?).
  • Booklet, Printing: Uninhibited. An exhibition of work done in: Barns, Cellars, Bedrooms, Attics, and Other Unlikely Places. Boston, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, 1953.
  • Announcement, Printing as an Art: A History of the Society of Printers, Boston 1905-1955 by Ray Nash. "Order from Harvard University Press" on the back.
  • Program, "In Remembrance of Elizabeth McConkey." 13 November 1938. Fort Washington Presbyterian Church, New York City.
  • Book, Irving, Washington. Christmas Eve from the Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. New York: Privately Printed, 1930.
  • Booklet, "Memories of the Gay 90s."
  • Folder, The First Printing of a Wylie Sonnet. "Nadir" by Elinor Wylie. 100 copies printed for Mahlon Leonard Fisher at Williamsport, Pennsylvania, June 1937.
  • Announcement, Dürer's 1511 Drawing of a Press and Printer by Ray Nash. Anthoesen Press, n.d.
  • Announcement, The Descent of HRH the Prince of Wales & The Lady Diana Spencer from King James VI & I, Lairg Limited Editions.
  • Booklet of paper samples of Strathmore Permanent, Strathmore Paper Company, West Springfield, Massachusetts, n.d.
  • Folder, "Hurlbut Permanent Record made for a Book to be read in the Year 6939." Hurlbut Paper Company, South Lee, Massachusetts, 1938. 2 copies.
  • Advertisement, Boots and Saddles by George Custer
  • Booklet, "A tribute to the work of George W. Jones," 1940
  • Bookmark, "Invitation to a Bookshop"
  • Bookmark, "Slightly wonky Clerihew for the Captain's Bookshelf," 1989
  • Broadside, "If you love something, set it free…"
  • Broadside, "To Live, To Praise"
  • Brochure, Goudy Graphic Reproduction Collection
  • Business card, David Scattergood, engraver on wood
  • Card, "This is the picture of the old house by the Cam…" with woodcut of house and river
  • Christmas ornament, "A Holiday Star," 1985
  • Engraving of papermakers, possibly a reproduction from Diderot's Encyclopédie (?)
  • Keepsake, "A Printed Broadside dated at Detroit, January 26, 1790," Cass Technical High School, 1942
  • Keepsake, "Naturally you're out of book space," 1986
  • Keepsake, "Papermaking by Hand," 1982
  • Keepsake, "Some Doubts in Translating," Arthur Graham, 1973
  • Keepsake, "Sonnets from the Portuguese," printed by Robert Orbach
  • Printer paper doll, early twentieth century.
  • Quincy Typographical Union card, 1869
  • Subscription notice, "Proposals for reprinting the third series of "notes and queries…" Harrisburg Printing Company
  • Subscription notice, Pennsylvania Genealogies
  • Letter, J.P. Tracey to a customer, Springfield Weekly Advertiser Book and Job Printing, January 24, 1876
  • Broadside, The Richard Committee for Academic Excellence, 1990
  • Booklet, "The Printing Trades in 1836."
  • Paragon Typewriter Paper Sample Book, P631
  • Paragon Printing Works Sample Book B
  • Carnegie magazine XVII (June 1943).
  • Twinrocker Handmade Paper samples (2 envelopes)
  • Card, Antique Billhead Electrotypes
  • Envelope, D.C. Churchman
  • Advertisement, "Put a dash of class into your printing…"
  • Real Estate Advertiser, Mexico, MO (encapsulated)
  • Poster, Wendell Berry and Gary Snyder
  • Poster, American Amateur Press Association, 1982
  • Proof sheets on newsprint, unidentified publication
  • Proof pages, Five Dramatic Ballads as Sung by John Jacob Niles, Lexington, KY: 1983.
  • Wood engraving of Santa Claus
  • Wanted Poster, April White
  • Large Broadside, "The Eagle," 1986
  • Large Broadside, "Food"
  • Kilmory Text Sample Book
  • Economy Covers Sample Book
  • Silverflake Sample Book
  • Announcement, Minidewak: Readings from Braiding Sweetgrass. Minnesota Center for Book Arts, 2013.
  • Announcement, card samples, Tour de Lead Graffiti poster series. Lead Graffiti, 2013.
  • Broadside Announcement, The Dancing Chancellor. Alice Simpson, 2012.
  • Announcement of collected edition, The Journey Itself is Home. Heron Dance Book Arts, nd.

Abbe, Elfriede [Press of]

  • Photograph of book cover.
  • Prospectus, The City of Carcasonne by Eugène Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc with wood engravings by Elfriede Abbe.
  • Specimen page, The City of Carcasonne by Eugène Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc with wood engravings by Elfriede Abbe.
  • Vita for Elfriede Abbe. 2 copies.
  • Announcement, The Fern Herbal with wood engravings by Elfriede Abbe.
  • Specimen page with color woodcut, The Fern Herbal with wood engravings by Elfriede Abbe.
  • Specimen page with text and monochrome woodcut, The Fern Herbal with wood engravings by Elfriede Abbe.

Absolute Zero Press

  • Booklet, Typographic samples printed by Introduction to Typography class, 1975.

Alcatraz Editions

  • Prospectus, A Canticle to the Waterbirds by William Everson, 1992.

Aliquando Press

  • Broadside, "Aemstelledamme" by Spinoza, 1975.
  • Prospectus, Buchstabenfreude/The Delight of Letters: A Collection of Quotations from the Works of Rudolf Koch, 1976.

Allix, Susan

  • Letter to Margaret Howell announcing a new book from Susan Allix, from Joshua Heller Rare Books, March 21, 1997.
  • Vita for Susan Jennifer Allix.

American Institute of Graphic Arts

  • Booklet, "Color as We See It, Photograph It, Print It." Margaret L. Brady Memorial Exhibition of Photography, New York: November 9-27, 1944.
  • Booklet, "A Medal for Ben," remarks delivered by Mrs. Cipe Pineles Golden at the presentation of the Medal of the American Institute of Graphic Arts to Ben Shahn at a dinner meeting in New York on November 13, 1958
  • Booklet, "An Exhibition of hand bookbinding, case-making, restoration, Calligraphy & illumination, and hand-decorated papers," sponsored by the Guild of Book Workers, 1959.
  • Booklet, "The Author Looks at Format," comments by Van Wyck Brooks, Pearl S. Buck, et al; designed by Warren Chappell, set by Intertype Corporation, printed by Newman-Rudolph Lithograph Company, paper supplied by Richard Bauer Paper Company, binding by the Cuneo Press.

Anson Jones Press

  • The Texas Declaration of Independence: An Exact Facsimile, 1943.

Anvil Press

  • Prospectus, specimen page, order form and biographical information for Poems by Li Po, 1983
  • Prospectus, Andromache: A Tragedy, 1987
  • Proof sheets for an edition of the Gospels, 1955.
  • Proof sheets for an unknown publication, printed in two directions

Appletree Alley, Press of

  • Prospectus, Provincetown by Mary Oliver with wood engravings by Barnard Taylor, 1987
  • Announcement, Yad Vashem Children's Memorial by Peter Balakian, 1996
  • Announcement, Sandy Point by Afaa Michael Weaver with wood engravings by Rosalyn Richards, 2000.
  • Announcement, My Dear Gogarty, ed. Mary Chenoweth Stratton, n.d.
  • Prospectus, Shaw on Theatre: A Half-Century of Advices, edited by Mary Chenoweth Stratton with illustrations by Stephen Kraft, n.d.
  • Prospectus, Night Life: Poems by William Matthews with wood engravings by Anne Jope, n.d.
  • Announcement, The Distance by Bruce Smith, n.d.
  • Prospectus, Jamaica Poems by Louis Simpson with wood engravings by John DePol, n.d.
  • Prospectus, Night Lake by Jean Valentine with illustrations by Linda Plotkin, n.d.
  • Prospectus, Shaw on Women with foreword by Margot Peters and wood engravings by Linda Holmes, n.d.
  • Announcement, Nine Answers by G. Bernard Shaw, n.d.
  • Note about hand binding by Don and Pam Rash, n.d.
  • Announcement, Adam and Eve by Karl Shapiro with etchings by Rosalyn Richards, n.d.
  • Announcement, The Oriental Rug by Peter Balakian with linocuts by Barnard Taylor, n.d.
  • Prospectus, The Light Station on Tillamook Rock by Madeline De Frees with illustrations by Rosalyn Richards, n.d.
  • Prospectus, Sonnets by Hayden Carruth, first publication, with wood engravings by Barnard Taylor, n.d.
  • Announcement, Distances by Josephine Jacobsen with illustrations by Barnard Taylor, n.d.
  • Announcement, "Alfresco" by John Wheatcroft, chapbook number 1, with wood engravings by Colleen Shannon, n.d.
  • Prospectus, Printing as Art: William Morris & His Circle of Influence edited by Mary Chenoweth Stratton with wood engravings by Linda Holmes, n.d.
  • Announcement, His Mistress's Voice by Philip Roth, n.d.
  • Announcement, The Rossettis: Brothers & the Brotherhood with introduction by Alicia Craig Faxon and wood engravings by Linda Holmes, n.d.
  • Prospectus, All of Us Here by Irving Feldman with illustrations by George Zoretich, n.d.
  • Prospectus, The Man Who Loved Islands by D.H. Lawrence with illustrations by John DePol, n.d.
  • Prospectus, Traveling at Home by Wendell Berry with wood engravings by John DePol, n.d.
  • Announcement, Saint Paul, The First Hermit: His Life by St. Jerome in the translation of 1630, n.d.
  • Prospectus, Closing the Ring by Maxine Kumin, n.d.
  • Prospectus, Invisible Estate: Sequences of Father-Son Poems by Peter Balakian and Bruce Smith with woodcut illustrations by Rosalyn Richards, n.d.
  • Prospectus, Ballylee: The Tower Poems of William Butler Yeats, n.d.

Arion Press

  • Prospectus, The Voice of Marrakesh by Elias Canetti with photographs by Karl Bissinger and etchings by William T. Wiley.
  • Prospectus, The Art of English Shooting by George Edie. Reprint of 1775 edition, 1993.
  • Prospectus, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, 1993.
  • Price list, fine books and prints in limited editions, 1995.
  • Prospectus, Selected Poems by Herman Melville with an engraving by Barry Moser, 1995.
  • Prospectus, The Case of the Wolf-Man from The History of an Infantile Neurosis by Sigmund Freud with etchings and woodcuts by Jim Dine, 1995.
  • Prospectus, Call It Sleep by Henry Roth, 1995.
  • Prospectus, The Physiology of Taste, or Meditations on Transcendental Gastronomy by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin with illustrations by Wayne Thiebaud.
  • Prospectus, The Silverado Squatters by Robert Louis Stevenson with photographs by Michael Kenna, 1996.
  • Invitation to a cocktail reception celebrating the publication of The Physiology of Taste by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, 28 November 1994.
  • "News from Arion Press," November 1994.
  • "The Arion Press Deluxe Limited Edition Books," Fall 1985.
  • Announcement card with picture of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
  • Announcement card with picture of Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror by John Ashberry.
  • Announcement card with picture of The Hound of the Baskervilles by A. Conan Doyle.
  • Announcement card with picture of Shaped Poetry: A Suite of 30 Typographic Prints in portfolio.
  • Announcement card with picture of The World is Round by Gertrude Stein.
  • Announcement card with picture of The Lay of the Love and Death of Cornet Christopher Rilke by Rainer Maria Rilke.
  • Article: Bruckner, D.J.R. "With Art and Craftsmanship, Books Regain Former Glory." New York Times Magazine, 28 October 1984, 37-43+.
  • Article: Green, Blake. "Impressions of a Fine Printer: Andrew Hoyem's books unite words and art – and are works of art in themselves." San Francisco Chronicle, 17 May 1986, 11.
  • Handwritten note to Mrs. Howell signed G.B. Carson, 15 October 1986.
  • Prospectus, Genesis, translated from the Hebrew by Robert Alter with an etching by Michael Mazur, 1996. 2 copies.
  • Prospectus, Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov, 1994.
  • Prospectus, Captivity Narrative of Hannah Duston, as related by Cotton Mather, John Greenleaf Whittier, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Henry David Thoreau.
  • Prospectus, Ulysses by James Joyce with etchings by Robert Motherwell, 1988.
  • Prospectus, The World/Swiat by Czeslaw Milosz with a print by Jim Dine.
  • Notice, Arion Press Subscription, 1987.
  • Greeting card, "Christmas Greetings & good wishes for 1989 from the Arion Press."
  • Prospectus, How I Came to Be a Governor of the Island of Cacona by the Hon. Francis Thistleton (William Henry Fleet), 1989.
  • Prospectus, Ulysses by James Joyce with etchings by Robert Motherwell
  • Announcement of limited edition books, 1989.
  • Prospectus, The Life and Opinions of Tristam Shandy, Gentleman by Laurence Sterne with illustrations by John Baldessari, 1988.
  • Booklet, "Arion Press Books: Literature and Art in Deluxe Editions."
  • Prospectus, Le Désert de Retz: A Late Eighteenth-Century French Folly Gardenby Diana Ketcham, 1990.
  • Prospectus, United States Constitution, 1987.
  • Article: Zane, Maitland. "A Brand-New 200-Year-Old Document: An Expensive, exclusive look for the Constitution." San Francisco Chronicle 10 January 1987
  • Greeting card, "Behold the merry minstrels of the morn." 1986.
  • Article: Starr, Kevin. "Grayson's Gift." California Magazine (Dec. 1986): 98- 100+.
  • Greeting card with specimen page from Tristam Shandy, 1987.
  • Prospectus, A Moral Fable-Talk by Arthur Golding, 1987.
  • Brochure, "A Decade of Deluxe Limited Edition Books from the Arion Press."
  • Prospectus, Flatland by Edwin Abbott.
  • Prospectus, Diary of a Non-Deflector: Selected Poems by Jim Dine and What If: Poems 1969-1987 by Andrew Hoyem.
  • Prospectus, Birds of the Pacific Slope as Painted and Described by Andrew Jackson Grayson, 1986.
  • Prospectus, Christian Symbols drawn by Rudolf Koch with the collaboration of Fritz Kredel.
  • Prospectus, Go Your Stations, Girl by Carl R. Martin, 1991.
  • Prospectus, Eureka: An Essay on the Material and Spiritual Universe by Edgar Allan Poe with illustrations by Arakawa, 1991.
  • Prospectus, Thirty-Three Sonnets of Guido Cavalcanti translated by Ezra Pound with etchings by Joseph Goldine.
  • Prospectus, American Buffalo by David Mamet with wood engravings by Michael McCurdy.
  • Prospectus, A Life of the Mind by San Shepard with illustrations by Stan Washburn.
  • Prospectus, Kaddish for Naomi Ginberg, 1894-1956 by Allen Ginsberg with lithographs by R.B. Kitaj, 1992.
  • Prospectus, Williwaw by Gore Vidal.
  • Prospectus, The Alienist by Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis with illustrations by Carroll Dunham, 1998. 2 copies.
  • Prospectus, Kora in Hell by William Carlos Williams with prints by Mel Kendrick, 1998.
  • Prospectus, Cane by Jean Toomer with woodcuts by Martin Puryear, 2000
  • Prospectus, The Price by Arthur Miller, 1999.
  • Price list, February 1998. 2 copies.
  • Prospectus, Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino with illustrations by Wayne Thiebaud, 1999.
  • Keepsake, "I Heard a Fly Buzz – When I Died" by Emily Dickinson, 1998.
  • Leaflet, "How to Join the Subscribers of the Arion Press."
  • Prospectus, With the Night Mail: A Story of 2000 A.D. by Rudyard Kipling with illustrations by Vincent Perez, 1998.
  • Prospectus, Shakespeare's Sonnets introduced and edited by Helen Vendler
  • Price list, September 1997.
  • Prospectus, Paradise Lost by John Milton, 2002.
  • Prospectus, Ape & Cat by Jim Dine and The Madonna of the Future by Henry James, 1997.
  • Prospectus, The Holy Bible, 1998.
  • Prospectus, Squarings by Seamus Heany with illustrations by Sol Lewitt, 2003.
  • Price list, November 2003.
  • Prospectus, A Travel Book by Fred Martin
  • Prospectus, Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott, 1980
  • Prospectus, The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler, 1986
  • Poster, The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler, 1986
  • Prospectus, A Commonplace Book of Cookery by Robert Grabhorn, facsimile of the 1975 Arion Press edition
  • Prospectus, The Temple of Flora: Twenty Eight Drypoint Engravings by Jim Dine
  • Letter, "To Our Customers," signed Andrew Hoyem
  • Prospectus, The Standard Edition of the Book of Common Prayer, 1982

Ash Ranch Press

  • Miniature booklet: Ash Ranch Press, The Private Press of Don Hildreth: The Story and Catalogue No. 1, 1987.
  • Article: Growald, R.H. "To Microbibliophiles, small is beautiful. San Diego Union, 14 March 1987.

Barn Collections Press

  • Prospectus, The Egyptian Man by Nina Barragan with etchings by Alan Weinstein.

Basilisk Press

  • Prospectus, Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe with illustrations by Edward Gordon Craig, 1979. 2 copies.
  • Order form and letter, The Rhinoceros: A Monograph by Francesco Nardelli, 1987.

Baxter Society

  • Prospectus, The Jewel: A Romance of Fairyland by Rockwell Kent, 1989.

Berliner, Harold; The Private Press of

  • Catalog, Books and Broadsides, 1988.

Bevan, Charles; Press

  • Prospectus, Cry Mustardville, story and images by D.B. Dowd
  • Prospectus, Where the River Turns, photographs and texts by Patrick Renschen

Bieler Press

  • Prospectus, Everything that has Been Shall Be Again: The Reincarnation Fables of John Gilgun, 1981
  • Prospectus, A Printer's Dozen by Philip Gallo. 2 copies.
  • Catalogue, Recent Selected & Forthcoming Book Titles, 2000.
  • Catalogue, 1998.
  • Prospectus, Learning from Moxon, A through Z, &c. by Gerald Lange, 2001
  • Catalogue, 1994.
  • Catalogue, 1990.
  • Prospectus, Moon: Poems by David Romtvedt, 1983.
  • Spring/summer catalogue, 1983.
  • Prospectus, The Neolithic Adventures of Taffi-Mai Metallu-Mai by Rudyard Kipling
  • Prospectus, Wild Parrots and the King of La Brea with illustrations by Gerald Lange
  • Catalogue, Recent Titles from the Bieler Press, 1999. 2 copies.
  • Announcement, Printing Digital Type on the Hand-Operated Flatbed Cylinder Press, 1999.
  • Announcement, Black-Letter: An Interpretation of Events Relating to the Time and Presence of Johann Gutenberg by Jeffrey Atherton, 1999
  • Prospectus, Black-Letter: An Interpretation of Events Relating to the Time and Presence of Johann Gutenberg by Jeffrey Atherton, 1999. 2 copies.

Bird & Bull Press

  • Prospectus, Dard Hunter & Son by Dard Hunter II and Dard Hunter III.
  • Prospectus, English Book Prospectuses: An Illustrated History by John Feather. Published by the Bird & Bull Press and the Daedalus Press
  • Prospectus, Trade Tokens of British and American Booksellers and Bookmakers compiled and edited by Henry Morris
  • Prospectus, Vignettes by Henry Morris, vol. 2
  • Prospectus, Louis Herman Kinder and Fine Bookbinding in America: A Chapter in the History of the Roycroft Shop by Richard J. Wolfe and Paul McKenna
  • Prospectus, Nicolas Louis Robert and his Endless Wire Papermaking Machine by Henry Morris
  • Prospectus, The Foresters: A Poetic Account of a Walking Journey to the Falls of Niagara in the Autumn of 1804 by Alexander Wilson with wood engravings by Wesley W. Bates, 2000

Bixby, Mr. & Mrs. W. K.

  • Greeting card, "The Season's Greetings 1921-1922 from Mr. And Mrs. W.K. Bixby."

Black Pennell Press

  • Brochure, "Handmade books produced in limited editions by Thomas Rae since 1955: A checklist."
  • Prospectus, Four Tales of the Clyde, selected and introduced by Thomas Rae with illustrations by Crawford Paterson, 1983
  • Prospectus, Songs of the Press and Other Poems Relative to the Art of Printing, 1983
  • Folder, "Limited Editions from the Black Pennell Press," containing announcements for: The Death of Mary Queen of ScotsFour Tales of the Clyde, and Waiting for Death: An Unfinished Wood Engraving by Thomas Bewick

Black Stone Press

  • Prospectus, Chéri by Collette.

Book Arts Press

  • Leaflet, "Rare Book School 1984, School of Library Service, Columbia University presents a series of Eighteen Public Lectures on Bookish Subjects." 2 copies.
  • Leaflet, "The Rare Books School, School of Library Service, Columbia University presents Nine Public Lectures on Bookish Subjects."
  • Leaflet, "Book Arts Press Lectures: March/April 1984." 2 copies.
  • Leaflet, "Lectures, Spring 1985."
  • Leaflet, "Lectures, Autumn 1984."
  • Folder with description of the Book Arts Press ending in "Best Wishes for the 1984 Holiday Season from the Book Arts Press, School of Library Service, Columbia University and from [blank]."
  • Keepsake, "The English Parnassus: Or a Help to English Poesie." ending with "Best Wishes for the 1983 Holiday Season."
  • Letter, "Dear RBMS member," 3 July 1990.
  • Poster, "Play the Hand You're Dealt. The Book Arts Press Thought for Valentine's Day 1984."
  • Poster, "There is only so much value in thinking about things you can't control. The Book Arts Press Thought for Valentine's Day 1988."
  • Poster, "It is unwise to play leapfrog with a unicorn. The Book Arts Press Thought for Valentine's Day 1985."
  • Program/invitation, "The R.R. Bowker Company and the Columbia University School of Library Science cordially invite you to the 11th Richard Rogers Bowker Memorial Lecture (New Series), George Steiner, Writer, Scholar, Lecturer speaking on the Future of the Book in an Age of Aliteracy, Monday, April 8, 1985."
  • Book Arts Press Newsletter, vol. 9, no. 8 (19 March 1985).
  • Brochure, "Rare Books and Special Collections at Columbia."
  • Announcement, From Punch to Printing Type: The Art and Craft of Hand Punchcutting and Typecasting,1985 (45 minute videotape featuring Stan Nelson). 2 copies.
  • Booklet, Friends of the Book Arts Press Membership List, 1985.
  • Invitation, Fall semester 1985 lectures.
  • Invitation, "The Columbia University School of Library Service cordially invites you to attend the first Sol. M. Malkin lecture." 16 December 1985.
  • Poster, "Pain is a privilege of living. The Book Arts Press thought for Valentine's Day 1986."
  • Broadside, "A volume can claim no additional value."
  • Poster, "One sign of an impending nervous breakdown is the conviction that your work is terribly important. The Book Arts Press Thought for Valentine's Day 1987."
  • Keepsake, "The Little man warming himself by the fire." ending with "Best Wishes for the 1985 Holiday Season from the Book Arts Press of Columbia University School of Library Service and from [signature]."
  • Book Arts Press Newsletter, vol. 7, no. 7 (10 May 1983).
  • Announcement, The Anatomy of a Book: Format in the Hand-Press Period, by Terry Belanger and Peter Herdrich (30 minute videotape)
  • Announcement, How to Operate a Book (30 minute videotape featuring Gary Frost).
  • Invitation, "You are cordially invited to attend Founder's Day Celebrations commemorating the Centenary of the Columbia University School of Library Service," 10 December 1987.
  • Keepsake, 1987. Ending "Best wishes for the 1987 Holiday Season from the Book Arts Press of the School of Library Service, Columbia University, and from [signature]."

Book Club of California

  • Prospectus, John DePol: A Catalogue Raisonné of His Graphic Work, 1935-1998.
  • Keepsake, "The Green Knight in memory of Porter Garnett…" printed at the Grabhorn Press, 1951

Bow and Arrow Press

  • Prospectus, Aphorisms by William Cole with illustrations by Damon Lehrer.

Boxwood Press

  • Prospectus, The Song of Songs: A Personal Intepretation by Bernard Solomon.

Bridwell Library

  • Prospectus, The Ashendene Press by Colin Franklin. Published by Bridwell Library, Southern Methodist University.

Brindabella Press

  • Prospectus, Granite Country: Poems by J.R. Rowland, 1994.
  • Prospectus, The End of the Season: Pastoral Poems by Philip Hodgins with wood engravings by Virginia Clutterbuck, 1993.
  • Prospectus, Helen Ogilvie Wood Engravings, 1995.
  • News from Brindabella Press, November 1993
  • News from Brindabella Press, September 1996
  • Brochure, "Alexander Thorley Bolton, 22 January 1926 – 18 November 1996."

Bronte Press

  • Prospectus, Turning the Grindstone.
  • Prospectus, Poems of Pierre Ronsard, 1985.
  • Prospectus, The Brontes' Floral Year by Nancy Cowley Hoak with illustrations by Suzanne Pruchniki.

Brooding Heron Press and Bindery

  • Announcement, Heron Light by Clifford Burke.
  • "Brooding Heron Press & Bindery: A Brief History" by Sam Green
  • Brooding Heron Press Bibliography, 1984-2005

Buckner Press

  • Prospectus, Palms: Six Ballads by John Ridland with etchings by Jeff Abschear, 1993.
  • Prospectus, The White Boat and Some Other Poems by Alan Stephens with lithographs by Jeff Abschear.