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Mary Lago Collection


Copyright on all correspondence resides with the originator. Correspondence in the collection not written by Mary Lago may be consulted but not photocopied or published without permission from the copyright holder.

The majority of the correspondence collected by Lago is in the form of photocopies. Lago did have possession of a number of original letters, which are marked as such in the inventory. Parts of the collected correspondence are in the form of handwritten or typed notes, some of which are in Lago’s shorthand. Photocopies of correspondence collected by Lago (Forster, e.g.) may be under further restrictions based on instructions of original source.

Series Note

Mary Lago planned an edition of the MacColl-Rothenstein correspondence in the early seventies that never materialized. Much of the information was subsequently used in preparation of the Christiana Herringham biography.

Box 30.

Mary Lago Correspondence
  • 1 Re: permissions
  • 2 Marueen Borland, 1990-1996
  • 3 Leonard Elton, 1973, 1976. Includes caricature sketch of MacColl, William Rothenstein, John Wheatley, William Haig Brown, Henry Tonks, Augustus John, James Havard Thomas, and Philip Wilson Steer, by Donald Maclaren (nephew of DSM)
  • 4 Hermione MacColl, 1971-1989
  • 5 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1973-1990
Collected Correspondence
  • 6 Kay Mix, 1935.
  • 7 Charles Ricketts, ca. 1905 [Glasgow University Library]
  • 8 Honor Dowdall, 1898
  • 9 M. L. Woods [Glasgow University Library]
  • 10 Earl of Crawford, 1918
  • 11 Roger Fry, 1912 [Glasgow University Library]
  • 12 Unidentified
  • 13 William Rothenstein, 1896-1910 [Houghton Library]
  • 14 William Rothenstein, 1911-1929 [Houghton Library]
  • 15 William Rothenstein, 1930-1944 [Houghton Library]
Notes and Research Material
  • 16 Notes
  • 17 Essays by D.S. MacColl. “Past and Future of the Art Collections Fund”; “The National Art Collections Fund”