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Mary Lago Collection

Principal Figures in Mary Lago’s Research

Allen, Maude (1873-1956) [Ulah Maude Allen Durrant] Canadian dancer and actress. Saw Oscar Wilde’s Salome in 1906. Opened West Wing School of Dance, art for underprivileged children. Attempted to visit India.

Beerbohm, Max (1872-1956) author and cartoonist/caricaturist popular in London’s artistic and fashionable life. Dramatic critic for Saturday Review, 1898-1910. Married Florence Kahn, an American actress, and settled in Rapallo in 1910.

Brooke, Stopford A. (1832-1916) Educated at Trinity College, Dublin. One time chaplain to Queen Victoria and to the princess royal of Germany. From 1876 to 1894, Brooke was minister of Bedford Chapel, Bloomsbury; because he could not accept the orthodox views on miracles, he seceded from the Church of England, 1880. He is the author of several works, among which are “Life and Letters of the late F. W. Robertson,” a “Primer of English Literature,” “The Early Life of Jesus,” several volumes of sermons, a volume of poems, “History of English Poetry,” a work on “Early English Literature,” “The Old Testament and Modern Life,” and a book on Browning. Was an advocate of Irish literature.

Burne-Jones, Sir Edward (1833-1898) English Pre-Raphaelite painter, designer, and illustrator. Formed ‘the Brotherhood’ with William Morris and others. Friend of Rosetti. Best known works include Beguiling of Merlin, Pygmalion, King Cophetua, and Garden of Pan.

Forster, E.M. [Edward Morgan] “Morgan” (1879-1970) British novelist and writer. Best-known works include A Passage to India (1924), Howard’s End (1910), A Room with a View (1908), and homosexual novel Maurice (written 1914, published 1971). Visited India several times and was private secretary to Maharaja of Dewas State Senior. Wrote the libretto to the opera Billy Budd with Benjamin Britten. Lived in King’s College 1946-1970.

Fox-Strangeways, Arthur Henry (1859-1948) Music critic, studied the music of Hindustan; met Tagore in London. First Secretary of the India Society.

Herringham, Christiana (1852-1929) British art scholar and copyist. Pre-Raphaelite artist. Fouding member of the Socity of Painters in Tempera (1901). Translated The Book of Art by Ceninno Cennini. Launched National Art Collection Fund in 1903 and the India Society.

MacColl, D. S. (1859-1948) painter, critic, and art gallery director. Keeper of the Tate Gallery, 1906 –1911 and Wallace Collection, 1911-1924.

Rooke, T. M. (1842-1942) Pre-Raphaelite painter. A designer for William Morris’s company before he became the principle assistant to Burne-Jones. H e was taken by John Ruskin to draw architecture on the continent. He was also much involved with the Arts and Crafts Movement, and was a founding member of the Art Workers’ Guild in 1884.

Rolleston, T. W. (1857-1920) Irish poet and writer. Edited with Stopford Brooke A Treasury of Irish Poetry in the English Tongue. Arranged St. Louis exhibition?

Rothenstein, William (1872-1945) British artist; studied at the Slade School in 1888-9 and at the Académie Julian in Paris, where he met and befriended such artists as Charles Conder, Toulouse-Lautrec, Louis Anquetin and Emile Bernard, and Oscar Wilde. In 1894, Rothenstein returned to London. Throughout this period, portraits became the principal part of his work. From 1899, he was involved in the artistic management of the avant-garde Carfax Gallery. Between 1920 and 1935 he was the Principal of the Royal College of Art. Responsible in part for introducing Tagore to English audience.

Tagore, Rabindranath (1861-1941). Indian poet, educationalist, social reformer. Helped found an Institute for Rural Reconstruction (India). Won Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913 ( Gitanjali), the first Asian to receive one. Was knighted in 1915, but resigned the honor in 1919 in protest against British policy in the Punjab.

Thompson, E. J. (1886-1946) English novelist, poet and Wesleyan missionary. Taught at Wesleyan College, Bankura, Bengal, 1910-1923. Lecturer in Bengali at Oxford from 1923-33; research fellow, Indian history, at Orial College, 1936-1946. Friend of and corresponded with Tagore. Wrote first major English language critical study of Tagore’s poetry. Supported Indian self-government.

Individuals in Lago’s Personal Correspondence

(Some id’s are not confirmed)

Adler, Herman (1899-) Conductor, director. Director of American Opera Center (Juilliard Opera Center), 1973-1981.

Alexander, Martha Director of MU Libraries. Friend of ML.

Alexander, P.C. joined the Indian Administrative Services and rose to occupy important posts in the Government of India. He worked at the United Nations, and was appointed as Principal Secretary to the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. He was governor of Tamil Nadu before becoming Governor of Maharashtra, a post he resigned in 2002.

Allen, D.G.C. Curator-Historian, Royal Society of Arts.

Alpers, Antony (1919-1997) New Zealand author; biographer of Katherine Mansfield

Angier, Carole Biographer of Primo Levi

Armb, Paul Authority on Henry James, Joseph Conrad, E. M. Forster. In 1995 dean of humanities at University of Oregon.

Ashbee, Felicity (b. 1914?) Art historian. Author of Janet Ashbee: Love, Marriage and the Arts and Crafts Movement (2001). Daughter of C.R. Ashbee (1863-1942; architect, furniture maker, craftsman, and proponent of Arts and Crafts movement).

Babbili, Anantha Professor of Journalism at TCU; B.S. from Osmania U (India)

Babington (Smith), Constance Biographer of John Masefield

Baird-Smith, Robin former managing editor at Duckworth Press. Editor at Continuum.

Banerji, Nilanjana student at Sommerville College, Oxford

Barbera, Jack Professor at University of Mississippi. Biographer of Stevie Smith.

Bari, Supriya translator (with ML) of Tagore’s Nashtanir

Barnes, Janet Principal Keeper of the Ruskin Gallery, Sheffield 1985-94.

Baron, Wendy Director of the British Government Art Collection. Author of Sickert (1993) and Perfect Moderns: A History of the Camden Town Group (2000).

Barth, J. Robert Professor of English at MU and Boston College

Barzun, Isabel Editor and translator

Barzun, Jacques (b. 1907) American author, historian, and educator. On faculty and administrator at Columbia University.

Beckson, Karl (b. 1926) professor at Brooklyn College. Co-editor with ML of Max and Will.

Belcher, Margaret Victorian scholar from New Zealand. University of Canterbury.

Bell, Alan S. Professor of Modern Spanish Literature at University of Maryland-Baltimore College.Edited Sir Leslie Stephen’s Mausoleum Book (Oxford)

Bell, Quentin (1910-1996) artist, potter, author and Professor of the History and Theory of Art at the University of Sussex from 1967 to 1975. Biographer of Virginia Woolf, his aunt. Interviewed EMF in 1967.

Benkovitz, Miriam J. biographer of Aubrey Beardsley (1981) and Ronald Firbank (1969).

Bennett, Mary daughter of H.A.L. Fisher. Principal of St. Hilda’s College, Oxford. Always hosted ML at Oxford.

Beveridge, Meryle Secrest music critic; biographer of Stephen Sondheim

Bicknell, John W. Professor emeritus at Drew University; editor of Letters of Leslie Stephen.

Bingle, Richard J. South Asian literature scholar

Blake, David M. author of Catalogue of European Manuscripts in the Oriental and India Office Collections of the British Library (London, British Library, 1998)

Blakiston, Georgiana (a Russell by birth) author of Woburn and the Russells and Lord William Russell and his Wife.

Bly, Robert (b. 1926) American poet. During the 70s he published books of poetry, essays, and translations, celebrating the power of myth, Indian ecstatic poetry, meditation, and storytelling.

Bose, Buddhadeva (1908-1974) Bengali novelist, poet, playwright, and essayist; leader of post-Tagore generation

Brendon, Piers author of Eminent Edwardians

Bridges, Tom son of Poet Laureate Robert Bridges.

Britten, Benjamin (1913-1976). Musician and composer (films, plays, and operas).

Buckingham, May [Hockey] Wife of Bob Buckingham; friends of EMF

Bunn, Ronald MU Provost

Burkhart, Charles professor at Temple University

Cadmus, Paul (1904-1999). Tempera painter. Alumni of New York Academy of Design. Liftetime member of the Academy of Arts and Letters. Friend of EMF.

Callil, Carmen Founder and director of Virago Press, 1972-1995. Also publisher with Chatto and Winduss.

Campbell, Ian. (b. 1942) Professor at University of Edinburgh (met through Win Horner). Thomas Carlyle scholar.

Campbell, Louise Art History professor at Warwick

Campbell, Margaret (1967-1981) music theorist, author of Last Romantics; associate of Karl Beckson.

Carrington, Noel (1894-1989) worked for Oxford University Press in India—knew Thompson and Tagore

Chakravarty, Amiya editor and translator of Tagore

Chapman, Chanler A. son of John Jay Chapman. Associate of Rothenstein.

Chipchase, Paul . Editor at Oxford University Press

Lord Kenneth Clark (1903-1983) British art historian and critic. Director of National Gallery, 1935-1945.

Clarke, Austin (1896-1975) Irish poet, dramatist, novelist, and reviewer.

Conran, G.L. City of Manchester Art Gallery

Coomaraswamy, Dona Luisa wife of Ananda Coomaraswamy

Coomaraswamy, Rama son of Ananda Coomaraswamy

Cornford, Christopher professor at Royal College of Art

Coustillas, Pierre editor of Gissing Journal

Coventry, John master of St. Edmund’s Hall.

Crawford, Alan Biographer of C.R. Ashbee

Crouch, James compiles bibliography of Coomaraswamy

Das, G.K. Professor at Dehli University. Author of EM Forster’s India

Dawson, William MU Professor of English

Devlin, Albert J. MU Professor of English. Tennessee Williams scholar.

De Laura, David Victorian scholar at University of Pennsylvania

Dickson, Lovat “Rache” (1902-1987) writer, editor, publisher. Literary biographer of Grey Owl, Wells, and Richard Hillary. Editor at Macmillan/London 1938-1964.

Dimock, Edward (1929-2001) Scholar of Indian studies and Bengali literature

Dinkel, Michael (b. 1884) instructor at Royal College of Art. Knew Rothenstein and Tagore.

Dockar-Drysdale, Honor Stopford Brooke’s granddaughter

Donoghue, Denis (b. 1928) Irish-born Professor of English at NYU; frequent reviewer for NYRB.

Douglas, Margaret Stoneman (1890-1998) writer and environmentalist, famous for defense of Florida Everglades.

Drabble, Margaret (b. 1939) British novelist, essayist, scholar. Married to Michael Holroyd.

Dutta, Krishna Editor of Tagore’s Letters and stories; and author of critical works on Tagore.

Dutton, Richard (b. 1948) Professor at Lancaster University. General Editor of Macmillan Literary Lives series.

Dynevor, Lucy John Rothenstein’s daughter (executor?)

Easton, Malcolm wrote Aubrey and the Dying Lady (1972) and co-wrote The Art of Augustus John with Michael Holroyd.

Edwards, J.A. keeper of archives and manuscripts at University of Reading

Ekdawi, Sarah Greek scholar; wrote on Cavafy

Ellmann, Richard (1918-1987) Literary critic, scholar of 19 th and 20 th century Irish literature. Wrote standard biographies of Joyce, Yeats, and Wilde.

Elmhirst, Leonard (1893-1974) British agricultural economist and philanthropist. Founder of Darlington Hall Trust in Devon, England (based on Tagore’s Institute for Rual Reconstruction). First visit to India during WWI at Tagores invitation. Married Dorothy Straight (1925). Friend of Tagore and Rothenstein; knew Forster. 34 letters.

Elton, Leonard S. associate of D.S. MacColl

Farris, Christine MU English professor

Fay, Virginia Secretary to Director of Museum of Fine Arts (Boston)

Feldman, Hilary Editor at Oxford University Press

Felstiner, John (b. 1936) Professor at Stanford; biographer of Paul Celan.

Ferguson, Howard (1908-1999) Composer, musician, and musical scholar.

Finneran, Richard J. (b. 1943) Professor at University of Tennessee-Knoxville; editor of several books of Yeats.

Fitzgerald, Penelope (1916-2000) British author. Novelist, author of Offshore (1979 Booker Prize winner), and The Blue Circle (1997 National Book Critics Circle Award). Biograher, Edward Burne-Jones (1975).

Fletcher, Jim (Eric) (b. 1927) correspondent of Forster

Forster, Patricia librarian at National Gallery of Victoria

Fox-Strangways, R.G. great nephew of Arthur Henry Fox Strangways; son of Lord Ilchester

Fox-Strangways, Vivian nephew of Arthur Henry Fox-Strangways. Wife: Dodo.

Furbank, P.N. (b. 1920) British literary critic and biographer. Professor Emeritus, Literature Faculty, The Open University, England. Authorized biographer of EMF. Author of biography and translator of works by Italo Svevo, editor of Samuel Butler Notebooks. Co-editor with ML of EMF’s letters. Friend of EMF.

Furness, N.A. German professor, University of Edinburgh

Galbraith, John Kenneth (1908-) Canadian economist, emigrated to U.S. in 1931. Was U.S. Ambassador to India (1961-1963). Author of The Affluent Society and The New Industrial State.

Gandhi, Gopal Director of Nehru Center, London.

Garnett, Jane relation to Quentin Bell? (sister Anjelica Bell) (Hugh MacDonald); David Garnett

Garnett, Oliver post-graduate student at Cortauld Institute; great-grandson of Edward Garnett.

Gerber, Helmut professor at University of Northern Illinois; editor of ELT

Gibbins, Gill editor at Columbus Press and W.H. Allen

Godden, Rumer (1907-1998) British novelist and children’s writer. Much of her work is set in India, where she lived most of her life.

Goldscheider, Cécile (d. 1988) former director of Musée Rodin (Paris); called an “academic obstructionist” for keeping scholars from Rodin material; removed from position in 1973 by French government

Goldsmith, Christopher son of Hyman Goldsmith, associate of Arthur Mendel

Goldsmith, Netta Author of The Worst of Crimes: Homosexuality and the Law in 18 th Century London (1998)

Gollancz, Livia daughter of English publisher, Victor Gollancz. Took control of Victor Gollancz, Ltd. upon father’s death (sold to Houghton Mifflin in 1989).

Gottlieb, Howard Director of Special Collections at Boston University.

Gould, Chris (b. 1972) Pianist. Accompanist at Britten-Pears School.

Gould, Iris niece of Arthur Henry Fox-Strangways.

Gould, Jack nephew of Arthur Henry Fox-Strangways (executor)

Graham, Sir Angus Cunninghame nephew of Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham, travel writer and essayist.

Grant, Duncan (1885-1978) [Duncan James Corrowr Grant] Scottish artist, painter, designer, part of the Bloomsbury Group. Raised in India and Burma. Lover of John Maynard Keynes and had daughter with Vanessa Bell.

Gray, Nicolette (1911-1997) English historian of lettering

Greene, Graham (1904-1991) British novelist, playwright, and essayist. Author of The Quiet American.

Guinness, Alec (1914-2000) British actor. Portrayed Prof. Godbole in David Lean’s adaptation of Forster’s A Passage to India.

Gupta, Uma Das Professor at Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta. Wife of Ashin Das Gupta? Reviewed ML’s EJT book. Edited A Difficult Relationship: Letters of Edward Thompson and Rabindranath Tagore 1913-1940 (Oxford UP, 2003).

Hale, Nancy (Mrs. Fredan Bowers) (1908-1988) U.S. writer, editor. Biographer of Mary Cassatt.

Hamlett, Dilys (1928-2002) British actress; played in adaptation of Forster’s A Passage to India

Hauser, Frank Ivor (b. 1922) BBC Drama producer, 1948-51; Director, Salisbury Arts Theatre (England), 1952-53; Director, Midland Theatre Company (England), 1945-55; Director, Oxford Playhouse, and took company on Indian and Pakistan tour, 1959-1960; independent producer at Sadler’s Wells Theatre, Royal Theatre Haymarket, and Old Vic Theatre, London. Director of stage adaptation of A Passage to India, 1960 and 1962: Oxford Playhouse; Comedy Theatre, London; Ambassador Theatre; New York.

Hart-Davis, Rupert (1907-1999) Publisher and literary executor of Jon Edmund Blunden, Max Beerbohm, Sir Hugh Walpole, and Siegfried Sassoon. Editor of The Letters of Oscar Wilde. Donated personal library to the University of Tulsa (see

Heilbrun, Carolyn (b. 1926) novelist and literary critic; also writes under pseudonym of Amanda Cross.

Hoff, Ursula art historian and critic; assistant director of National Gallery of Victoria

Holroyd, Michael (b. 1935) British author. Standard biographer of George Bernard Shaw, Lytton Strachey, and Augustus John. Married to Margaret Drabble. Approx. 180 letters and cards.

Holtz, William (b. 1932) Professor in MU English department

Howes, Frank chief music critic of the Times

Hsiao Ch’ien (1911-1999) [also Qian Xiao] Chinese journalist, poet and translator (of Ulysses). Met Forster at Tagore National Meeting in 1941; corresponded with Forster until 1944.

Hughes, Linda (b. 1948) ML’s student; professor of English at TCU

Hynes, Samuel (b. 1924) Professor of English at Princeton University. Author of The Edwardian Turn of Mind and The Auden Generation.

Ilchester, Lord head of Strangways Family

Isherwood, Christopher (1906-1986) Anglo-American novelist and playwright. Translated The Bhagavad-Gita (1944) and wrote a biography of Ramakrishna (1965)

Johnson, E. Dudley H. Victorianist teaching at Princeton

Jones, Mack (b. 1927) [William McKenrey] Professor in MU English department

Kapp, Edmond X. portraiturist, cartoonist, and caricaturist

Karpeles, Maud English folklorist; collaborated with Arthur Henry Fox-Strangways

Karl, Frederick R. (b. 1927) literary biographer and critic. Biographer of Joseph Conrad, William Faulkner, Franz Kafka, and George Eliot.

Keeble, K. Corey scholar and art curator, Royal Ontario Museum

Kelvin, Norman : professor of English, CUNY. EM Forster (1967); Collected Letters of William Morris

Kermode, Frank (b. 1919) Literary critic, author or editor of some forty volumes.

Kirkpatrick, B.J. [Brownlee Jean] Author of EMF and Virginia Woolf bibliographies.

Kominis, Katherine assistant director of rare books, Boston University

Kopf, David professor of Indian History, University of Minnesota

Kripalan, Krishna (b. 1907) Tagore’s son-in-law, head of Indian Literary Academy, editor of writings of Mahatma Gandhi.

Lasner, Mark Samuels (b. 1952) book collector/bibliographer/literary critic

Law, Joe. (b. 1949) ML’s student

Lawless, Elaine MU professor of Folklore

Lewis, Janet (1899-1998) author of books of poetry and historical fiction, including The Wife of Martin Guerre. She was married to the poet and critic Yvor Winters.

Malcolm, Janet Prague-born American journalist. Letter in response to Sylvia Plath/“The Silent Woman” article in the New Yorker (1993).

Mander, Rosalie (b. 1905) Authority on William Morris and the Pre-Raphaelites. Owner of Wightick Manor. Edited Recollections of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and His Circle, or Cheyne Walk Life.

Mann, Alfred (b. 1917) Edith Weiss-Mann’s son and a musicologist at Rochester. 23 ALS.

Marchand, Leslie : History of Athenaeum

Materer, Tim (b. 1940) professor in MU’s English department. Specialist in modern poetry.

McBrien, William editor of Twentieth Century Literature

Mendel, Elsa wife of conductor Arthur Mendel

Mix, Katherine Lyon author of Max and the Americans (1974) and Study in Yellow (1960)

Mohyeddin, Zia (b. 1933) Pakistani actor and director. Roles in Lawrence of Arabia, Khartoum, and Jewel in the Crown. Portrayed Aziz in stage adaptation of Forster’s A Passage to India in Oxofrd, London, and New York.

Morris, Wolfe (1925-1996) British actor

Natwar-Singh, Kanwar (1931-) Indian author and politician. Author of EM Forster: A Tribute (1964). Awarded the EM Forster Literar Award, 1989.

Nelson, James G. : book on bodley head press—Smithers (2000); prof em Wisconsin

Nettleton, John British actor

Norton, Lucy (b. 1902) writer translator; her brother financed Lytton Strachey during Eminent Victorians

Olson, Stanley (1949-1989). American writer, biographer of John Singer Sargent and Elinor Wylie. Lived in London most of adult life. Friend of Holroyds. 12 letters.

Pears, Peter (1910-1986). British tenor/organist.

Peden, William (1913-1999) MU professor of English

Pinney, Thomas : ed. of George Eliot essays California?

Powell, Jeanette William Rothenstein’s niece

Ragland-Sullivan, Ellie (b.1941) Psychoanalytic theorist. Chair of MU Department of English

Santha Rama Rau (b. 1923) daughter of Indian diplomat and Ambassador to the U.S., Sir Benegal Rama Rau. Her mother, Lady Dhanvati Rama Rau, was a leader in the Indian women’s rights movement and International President of Planned Parenthood. First Indian student accepted by Wellesley College. On English faculty of Sarah Lawrence College (1971-). Author of Home to India, East of Home, This is India, Remember the House, My Russian Journey, Gifts of Passage, and View to the Southeast. Adapted, with EMF’s approval, A Passage to India for stage production. Author of film script of Passage preferred by EMF. Married to Gurdon Wattles.

Ray Satyajit (1921-1922) Indian filmmaker. First film Pather Panchali (1954). Awarded Academy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1991.

Rhys, Stella daughter of Ernest Rhys (1859-1946; editor for Everyman’s Library; acquaintance of Yeats and Rolleston.)

Ricks, Christopher Professor at Cambridge and Boston University.

Roberts, John R. MU English professor and John Donne scholar. Friend of ML.

Robinson, Andrew (b. 1957) Biographer of Satyajit Ray and Tagore and editor of Tagore’s short stories (with Krishna Dutta). 44 letters

Rooke, Celia T.M. Rooke’s widow

Rothenstein, Sir John (1901-1992) Director of Tate Gallery, London. Son of William Rothenstein.

Sarton, May (1912-1995) Belgian-born poet.

Shelston, Alan : ret. U of Manchester: Elizabeth Gaskell scholar

Sonnenberg, Ben (b. 1936) publisher of Grand Street

Spalding, Frances Art historian, biographer, curator. Biographies of Roger Fry, Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant, John Minton, and Stevie Smith. Also wrote history of Tate Gallery.

Stafford, William (1914-1993) American poet

Stone, Wilfred Professor Emeritus of English at Stanford University; author of The Cave and the Mountain: A Study of E. M. Forster (1966).

Sutherland, Katherine : St. Anne’s College/Oxford: Austen scholar

Thatcher, Mary

Tagore, Amitendranath (b. 1922) nephew of Tagore

Tagore, Pratima Tagore’s daughter-in-law, gave permissions for Imperfect Encounter

Thirkell, Lance (b. 1921) [Lancelot Geoge Thirkell] Youngest son of novelist Anglea Thirkell; Great grandson of Edward Burne-Jones. Born in Melbourne, Australia. In 1999 he donated his letters to and from his mother to the Bristol University Library.

Thompson, E. P. (1924-1993) Son of E.J. Thompson. British Marxist critic. Author of Making of the English Working Class. Also wrote Alien Homage: Edward Tompson and Rabindranath Tagore.

Thwaite, Anne Edmund Gosse biographer

Uppman, Ted American opera singer. Originated role of Billy Budd in Britten opera of Billy Budd

Waters, Bill. Co-author of Burne Jones book

Weintraub Stanley editor of Shaw diaires

Weiss-Mann, Edith (1885-1951) Harpsichordist, teacher, and composer. and close friend of ML in New York.

Zangwell, Oliver descendant of Israel Zangwell?? (1890s Jewish novelist)