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Lanford Wilson Collection

Series Description

Series Eight – Photographs includes a variety of photographs ranging from contact sheets and photographs of plays in production to photographs of Wilson by himself and in the presence of his associates and friends. There are photos of both identified and unidentified individuals and groups. The Sub-Series also contains a small photo album that documents Wilson's naming as Playwright-in Residence of the Signature Theatre for the 2002-2003 season as well as other albums of photos about teaching at Arizona State University. In addition, the Sub-Series includes a multitude of identified and unidentified family snapshots and pictures.
Series Eight is further divided into five Sub-Series:

  • Sub-Series One – Photographs of Lanford Wilson contains images of Wilson, some of which were done as professional portraits by commercial photographers while some are informal photographs.
  • Sub-Series Two – Photographs of Lanford Wilson with Others contains photographs that are less formal than those portraits found in Sub-Series One of Series Eight. Also included are a number of photos of Wilson within groups of which some individuals have been identified.
  • Sub-Series Three – Photographs of Others contains photographs of individuals that were involved in Wilson's life and profession. In addition to many photographs of individuals, there are photographs of groups in which some individuals are identified and others are not.
  • Sub-Series Four – Photographs of Play Productions contains photographs from plays in production, including cast shots and various other photographs related to play performances. Photographic prints in this Sub-Series include standard-size prints, oversized prints, and contact sheets.
  • Sub-Series Five – Miscellaneous Photographs contains photographs of Wilson in different contexts, including at a presentation at Brandeis University and at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference. The Sub-Series also contains an album with photographs of the production of Rain Dance at Arizona State University, the Arizona State University theatre workshop, and unidentified individuals camping. In addition, the Sub-Series contains various unidentified photos of landscapes and scenery and numerous, largely unidentified, photographs of Wilson's family.

See also materials in a related collection: Gorodnitzki, Diane, 1949-2010. Photographs of Lanford Wilson.