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Lanford Wilson Collection

Box 35

FF 1 – Sag Harbor House, n.d.

FF 2 – Home Maintenance and Remodel Receipts, 1975-2008

FF 3 – Home Furnishing Receipts, 1977-1992

FF 4 – General Garden Clippings, 1988-1991

FF 5 – Lanford Wilson Garden Articles 1975 – 1991

FF 6 – Vogue Garden Article and other photos in album, 1997

FF 7 – Heronswood Nursery Ltd, Catalog and Lanford Wilson's article, n.d.

FF 8 – Garden Purchase Records, 1990s

FF 9 – Garden Plans and Drawings, n.d.

Box of various garden photographs, n.d.

Box 36

FF 1 – Photographic prints of art that Wilson bought or may have considered purchasing, n.d.

FF 2 – Photographic prints of art in Wilson's home, n.d.

FF 3 – Photographic prints and correspondence of art dealer with Wilson, 1992

FF 4 – Photographic prints of Wilson purchasing or reviewing art in artists' homes, n.d.

FF 5 – Artist Cromwell with art that Wilson may have purchased or considered purchasing, n.d.

FF 6 – Art gallery and art show announcements, n.d.

FF 7 – Article by Wilson in Art News, entitled Getting Slapped into Next Sunday, October 1993

FF 8 – Lists of art works owned by Wilson, 2001 and n.d.

FF 9 – Art museum communications, 1989-2010

FF 10 – Invoices and bills for art pieces to Wilson, 1975-1997

FF 11 – Photographic slides by C.F. Bechtold of Wilson art collection, 1991

FF 12 – Photographic slides by C. F. Bechtold of Wilson art collection, 1991

FF 13 – Photographic slides of Wilson art collection, 1988

FF 14 – Photographic print of work in Wilson art collection, n.d.

FF 15 – Photographic transparency prints (4"x5") by Peter Harholdt of works in Wilson art collection, n.d.

FF 16 – Photographic negatives (35mm) of works in Wilson art collection, n.d.