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Lanford Wilson Collection

Series Description

Series Seven – Miscellaneous Materials contains a large group of materials that have purposes not directed to the writing of plays and scripts.
Series Seven is further divided into eight Sub-Series:

  • Sub-Series One – Miscellaneous Subject Files consists of items maintained by Wilson and includes a wide variety of documents and objects. It includes files about his membership in organizations and guilds as well as contracts and other legal materials. Among the variety and submission letters and rejection letters. It also includes his address lists and Rolodex card system; several manuscript graduate theses and a book written by Gene A. Barnett about Wilson; one small container of objects produced to promote or celebrate various play productions; and computer diskettes. Arrangement is primarily but not exclusively alphabetical.
  • Sub-Series Two – T-Shirts consists of clothing from various theatre groups, and locations where theatre productions, workshops and teaching opportunities occurred. There are multiple garments for the New York State Summer School for the Arts and a shirt signed by the cast members of a production of The Hot l Baltimore performed at Williams College. There is not a specific order to the rolled t-shirts.
  • Sub-Series Three – Drawings contains artwork from various artists including Wilson. Included are drawings given to Wilson by relatives and friends, it also includes a self-portrait by Wilson. Also contained is a drawing of a stage set for Balm in Gilead at Arizona State University, ink and water-color drawings by Allan Havis and a drawing of Wilson's half-brother, John Wilson.
  • Sub-Series Four – Family Memorabilia consists of a variety of items kept by Wilson's mother, Violetta Tate Lenhard. Some of the materials reflect the greater and extended family of Wilson such as the many identified and unidentified photographs. Much of the material, such as two of his children's books and his baby book, relates to Wilson's younger years before leaving Missouri for California. This Sub-Series also includes diplomas and certificates of his mother, Wilson's birth certificate, awards, grade reports and diplomas. The group also includes what may be the first poem written by Wilson entitled "Oakwood Gothic."
  • Sub-Series Five – Calendars consists of both desk and wall calendars from most years between 1978 and 2011. Many of these are annotated by Wilson.
  • Sub-Series Six – House and Garden and Art Collection consists of both written documents and photographic material relating to his favorite non-literary pursuits: gardening and collecting art. The Sub-Series contains drawings of the garden at Wilson's Sag Harbor home and a multitude of photographs made in the garden. There are a large number of photographs and slides of art works that Wilson considered buying, he bought and then sold, or were part of his permanent collection. Wilson was especially interested in "outsider" art or works of art created by self-taught artists.
  • Sub-Series Seven – The Hot l Baltimore Scrapbook contains a scrapbook that was assembled to document the Mexican production of the play. The scrapbook contains clippings about the play and the production and many photographs of the production. The scrapbook was disassembled due to its physical condition, and the pages were placed in folders and arranged by the original page numbering of the scrapbook.
  • Sub-Series Eight – St. Louis Post Dispatch contains a newspaper of April 13, 1937 – the date of Wilson's birthday – in a large format portfolio.