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V.T. Hamlin Collections

Alley Oop Sunday Comic Strips

This page is a continuation of the V.T. Hamlin Collection II and lists the the newspaper clippings of the Sunday comic strip Alley Oop by V.T. Hamlin (later Dave Graue, then Jack and Carol Bender) owned in the comic art archives of the Special Collections Division of MU Libraries. Inventories can be accessed by clicking on each decade.

Collectors, please see information on purchasing photocopies and copyright and licensing affecting comics.

Comic Strip Sizes

  • F = Full page
  • H = Half page
  • T = Tabloid
  • 1/2T = Half tabloid
  • TH = Third page
  • Q = Quarter page

Comic Strip Sources

Individuals from whom acquired.

  • g = gift or trade
  • p = purchase


Includes information on:

  • Color variation: All are full color unless designated in this section.
  • Condition: Note if damaged or incomplete.
  • t = title and author trimmed from strip
  • w/Boots = strip is filed with Edgar Martin Boots and Her Buddies Collection
  • Boots/back = strip has a Boots and Her Buddies on back of Alley Oop
  • Boots/front w/Oop = strip has a Boots and Her Buddies on front with
    Alley Oop