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V.T. Hamlin Collections

Box 1

FF 57. Comic Classic Postage Stamp and First Day Covers, October 11, 1995 (originals, photocopies and eBay descriptions).

Cachets of Colorano, Pugh, Fred Collins, David Peterman, Bonnie Fuson, Robert J. Lazzaretto, Steven Brainerd, Postal Commemorative Society and Fleetwood.

FDC envelopes with Alley Oop stamp (cachet not Alley Oop) of ArtCraft, House of Farnen, Dave Bennett, Bill Lary and Larry R. Fidler.

FDC envelope with Alley Oop stamp of Rochester philatelic Association. Color photocopy. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2002.

Background card. Sheet of 20 classic comic postage stamps. Gifts of Ray Snodgrass, Bonnie Fuson and Margaret Howell.

Toon into Stamps, U.S. Postal Service: Kansas City, Mo., 16 pp.

Toon into Strips poster and promotional packet by U.S. Postal Service.

FF 58. Alley Oop Merchandise.

Picture postcard of V.T. Hamlin. (Kitchen Sink Press. Famous Cartoonists Series no. 4 of 18, KSP postcard whole number 106). Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 1998.

Trading cards, Ooola, Dinny, King Guz. NEA, 1949. Gift of Margaret Howell, 1999.

Description of Alley Oop (Test Product) Statuette, 1945, copied from a collectibles price guide. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 1998.

Description of Alley Oop statue, 1999, Gary Ernest Smith, artist. Limited Edition of 30. Color brochure from Overland Galleries, Scottsdale, AZ. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 1999. Also Bud Plant Catalog description, 1999.

Alley Oop Game (Boxed) 1937. Differs from Alley Oop Game (see Hamlin II, Box 5) with the addition of raised bands on the can, used to increase challenge to play and to raise score. eBay description only. "How to Play-Game Instructions." Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 1999.

Pez dispenser. eBay description only. 1999.

Ring. eBay description only. 1999.

Scorekeeper. Los Angeles Daily News in late 1940's-early 1950's. 4 p. Cover shows Alley Oop and other comic characters playing baseball. eBay description only. 1999.

Parade of Comics paste book. Saalfield, 1969. eBay description only. 1999

Description of Alley Oop game from Canadian manufacturer, Granger Feres Ltd. in University of Waterloo Museum.

Advertisement for the Game of Alley Oop by the Royal Toy Company. Photocopy. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2001.

Advertisements for Alee-Oop game from Toys and Bicycles, vol. 34, July 1937 (p. 11) and August 1937 (p. 13) and a different ad from the same publication in June 1937 (p. 16) issue.

Survey of Toys and Bicycles Buyers Guide 1927-1951 that attempts to resolve questions about why two games Alee-Oop (Roy Toy Co.) and Alley Oop (Royal Toy Co.) were manufactured in 1937.

Advertisement on a match book cover for the Alley Oop Pub at the Apple Valley Restaurant, Milford, PA., with a drawing of a caveman figure holding a club and a mug of beer. Color photocopy. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2002.

FF 59. Masonic pin with Alley Oop, 1989. eBay description.

Trading cards. eBay description of seven cards.

Photos (color photocopies) of Pez dispensers, ring, Alley Oop Coloring Book, Alley Oop Fun Book, Penny Books, Cocomalt Book, Pan-Am Premium Books, Trading cards, Jungle Game, Expanded Can Game. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2000.

Trading Cards – Ooola with pistol. eBay description.

Ad for Alley Oop button photocopy [actual button in Hamlin I]. Gift of Ray Snodgrass.

Paperweight U.S. Postal Service . eBay description.

Coasters that show Alley Oop and Nancy (of "Nancy and Sluggo" strip) United Features Syndicate, 1991.

Penny Cards, Alley Oop Series. Seven cards showing characters for the Alley Oop strip and a cover. Color photocopy. Gift of Ray Snodgrass, 2002.

Color photocopies of Penny Cards, Alley Oop series. Numbers 154, 160, 161, 180, 184, 217, 226, 227, 244, 247, 248, 249, 250, 251, 252, 263, 274, 278.

Trading cards — Oola, King Guz, Dinny, Alley Oop, 1950.

See also Box 4 for lunch box and videos and Box 5 for magnets, games and Movie Jecktor projector and movies.