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V.T. Hamlin Collections

Box 1

FF 56. World War II.

Copies of photos and insignia from veterans of the 92nd and 97th Bomb Group. Hamlin decorated planes with Alley Oop drawings. Photocopies of the photographs in V.T. Hamlin Collection I, Box 5.

Lineage, assignments and decorations of 92nd, 325th, 236th, 327th and 820th Bombardment Squadrons. Photos (copies) of crews and airplanes with Alley Oop nose art. Gift of Jack Bromiley.

"Comic Strips at War" Look Magazine, November 30, 1943 (photocopy of full article and copy of portion of article that reproduces Alley Oop war scenes). Gift of Jack Bromiley.

Alley Oop nose art (photocopies). Gift of Wallace Forman, author of B-17 Nose Art Name Directory and B-24 Nose Art Name Directory, 2000.

Alley Oop in military recruiting advertisements from The Evening Standard, 1 January 1942. 2 photocopies from microform. Gift of Peter Malik, 2004.

FF 56A. 360th Squadron, 303rd Bomb Group. Photo (copy) of B-17 with Alley Oop nose art no. 42-5854. Taken from web site:

465th Bomb Group, 780th Bomb Squadron. Photo (copy) of B-24 with Alley Oop nose art no. 44-41112. Taken from Davis, Larry: Planes, Names and Dames v.1, 1940-1945. Carrollton, TX, Squadron/Signal Publications, 1990.

465th Bomb Group, 780th Bomb Squadron. Sortie, vol. 1 no. 11, March 4, 1945. Shows aircraft with Alley Oop nose art on B-24. Partial, article torn.

379th Bomb Wing. Photo (copy of B-52G with Alley Oop nose art. no. 58-0159). Taken from Walker, Randy. Painted Ladies: Modern Military Aircraft Nose Art and Unusual Markings, West Chester, PA: Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 1992.

FF 56B. 92nd Bomb Group Heavy. Historical markers at Sarasota-Bradenton Airport.

Articles about dedication. Photos of restored aircraft. Color copies of patches. Gift of Dale Aylward.

Photograph of Michael J. Drake, historian of the Sarasota group, in leather jacket with 92ndpatches. Photo taken at the reunion of the 92nd USAAF/USAF Memorial Association, St. Louis, 2000.

FF 56C. Patch. 325th Bomb Squadron, 92nd Bomb Group (color photocopy). Gift of Ray Snodgrass.

The 325th was inactivated at Fairchild AFB, Washington in 1994 with the movement of B-52's from Fairchild. Patch is 3 1/2" diameter.

Patch from the 325th Bomb Squadron showing Alley Oop riding a tiger. Patch is a copy of the original used during World War II.

Patch. 325th Bomb Squadron, 92nd Bomb Group. Leather (reproduction), 5 1/2" diameter. Gift of Margaret Howell.

Patch 407th Bomb Squadron, 92nd Bomb Group. Recent reproduction. Purchase.

Flight jacket from the 325th Bomb Squadron. (eBay description only)

Hand-painted metal drum lids (2). Photographs. Mementos of the 325th Bomb Squadron.

Pictured on one is Ally-Opp [sic] and lists of sorties. The other shows a PF-Y aircraft and list of locations of the squadron. Signed by Bill Horanburg, Staff Sgt. Gift of Ray Snodgrass.

Description of a copy of Leatherneck Magazine (Nov. 1, 1944) that has two comic inserts with Alley Oop comics, Leatherneck Comics, no. 14 and G.I. Comics, no. 13 printed exclusively for overseas Marines as the Leatherneck Pacific Edition. (from eBay)

Photo (copy) of 325th Bomb Squadron plane with Alley Oop nose art (Blooming Grove) taken from Campbell, John M. Talisman, a Collection of Nose Art. (West Chester, PA, Schiffer Military History, 1992)

Air Force insignia. Shows insignia for 325th, 326th and 327th squadrons, 92nd Bomb Group with Alley Oop designs. Taken from Archer, Robert D. U.S. Army Air Forces Aircraft Markings & Camouflage 1941-1947. The History of USAAF Aircraft Markings, Insignia, Camouflage and Colors, Aglen, PA, Schiffer Military, 1994.

Patches of 326th and 327th Bomb Squadrons (color photocopies). Taken from Maguire, Jon: More Silver Wings Pinks and Greens, Atglen, PA, Schiffer, 1996.

FF 56D. 92nd USAAF/USAF Memorial Association (92nd BG, 92nd BW, 92nd ARW, 325th BS) patch and pin for each squadron (325th, 326th, 327th, 407th).

Color photocopy of patches taken from back cover of 92nd Bomb Group (H) Fame's Favored Few, Paducah, KY: Turner Pub. Co., 1996.

[For 325th Bomb Squadron (Reactivated) 509th Bomb Wing, (B-2 Bomber) Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri. Reactivated January 6, 1999. See Hamlin II, Box 5 for cap, scarf and T-shirt.]

FF 56E. 820th Bombardment Squadron, 41st Bombardment Group (B-25 Mitchells). Veteran's Organization. Includes a copy of their History (36 pages), a patch (Alley Oop throwing bomb), copies of their newsletter, tribute to the 820th in the Alley Oop strip of November 11, 1995 by Dave Graue and Jack Bender (copy) and Christmas greetings from Graue, 1999. Gift of William W. Childs.

FF 56F. Alley Oop in the Navy: PS-592 (USS Towanda). Enlargement of photograph no. 49 (Hamlin I, Box 5) showing Alley Oop detail. Prepared by Ray Snodgrass.

Post-war photograph of PS-592 (on reserve duty in NY harbor) and history of the ship. Gift of Robert W. Daly.

Navy Air Force: VPB-129 (also called VP-129, VB-129) Items from Glenn A. Ottsman's photo album: Christmas card of the 129th showing Alley Oop insignia, photo (copy) of two service men wearing jackets with Alley Oop patches, and poem "The Best Damn Outfit in the Navy" (photocopy) on United States Atlantic Fleet, Bombing Squadron 129 letterhead. Gift of Ray Snodgrass 2001. Decal of insignia showing Alley Oop poised to throw a large bomb. Gift of Margaret Howell 2001 (also from the Ottsman album, purchased separately). History of the squadron taken from Dictionary of American Naval Aviation Squadron, vol. 2, (Washington, D.C.: Naval Historical Center, Dept. of the Navy, 1995- ) pp. 558-560.

Notes by Margaret Howell of a January 15, 2002 phone conversation with Alvin G. (Tuck) Welter (formerly U.S. Navy Sonar Master 2nd Class, PC 592) about photographs of the PC 592's Alley Oop painting and events and maneuvers the ship participated in.