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V.T. Hamlin Collections

Box 1

FF 49. Articles:

"Comics and Their Creators." Literary Digest, vol. 118 no. 4, July 28, 1934, p. 11.

Hamlin, V.T. "Alley Oop and Me." Colliers, vol. 123 no. 12, March 19, 1949, p. 28. Reduced photocopy.

Hamlin, V.T. "Alley Oop the Man I'd Like to Be" Cinvention Memory Book, Cincinnati, OH, September 3-5, 1950. Includes cover, table of contents, preface, and Hamlin article [speech].

"When Hamlin Started Digging Into History Out Came Alley Oop" World of Comic Art, vol. 2 no. 2, pt. 1 (no. 8), 1970.

Bowden, Robert. "Who's the Man Behind the Land of Moo?" reprinted from The Floridian, ([?] 1972). Gift of Ray Snodgrass (also in Hamlin I, Box 1, Folder 50 from St. Petersburg Times).

"Dave Graue: Master of Oop Art." Cartoonists Profiles, no. 31, September 1976, p. 43.

Stanley, John. The Great Comics Game, (Pierce, Stearn, Sloan). Question 61 is about Alley Oop. Gift of Ray Snodgrass.

"V.T. Hamlin Speaking" Transcription of a tape for The Funnies, June 23, 1986. Gift of Ray Snodgrass.

"Alley Oop." Cartoonist Profiles, no. 47, September 1980, pp. 50-56 [interview of Graue].

Harvey, R.C. "Three Classic Strips" Comics Journal, no. 129, May 1989, pp. 89-92 [review of Hamlin's Alley Oop (Dragon Lady), Wunder's Terry (Dragon Lady) And Toth's Zorro (Eclipse).

"From Moo to Mizzou." Mizzou Weekly, vol. 12 no. 18, January 29, 1991, p. 6-7.

Pekar, Harvey. "Working-class Caveman Alley Oop: The Adventures of a Time-Traveling Caveman and Alley-Oop: The Mystery of the Sphinx." Comics Journal, no. 147, December 1991, p. 38-39.

Price, Michael H. "Oops! Former Star-Telegram illustrator made his mark with comic strip." Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, Feb. 10, 1991, sec. E p. 1.

FF 50. Articles:

Lowrey, Larry. "The Alley Oop Big Little Books" Big Little Book Times, vol.11 no. 2. March/April 1992. Gift of Ray Snodgrass and the author.

Levine, Daniel B. "Classica American Troglodytica: V.T. Hamlin's Alley Oop, April 1939-February 1940; The Epic Meets the Comic." Classical and Modern Literature, vol. 14 no. 4, summer 1994, pp. 365-387. Preprint gift of Daniel B. Levine. Tape and complete transcription of interview that is reproduced in part in the article is in Hamlin II, Box 1, FF 48.

"V.T. Hamlin, Creator of Alley Oop, Dead at 93." Comics Journal, no. 160, July 1993, p. 13-14.

"Time-traveling Caveman Alley Oop is 60." Comic Buyers' Guide, no. 1034, September 10, 1993, p. ?.

"N.C. Artists Draw 4 Famed Comic Strips." Charlotte Observer, May 5, 1995, p. 2E. (Graue)

Hamlin, V.T. "The Man Who Walked with Dinosaurs." Inks, vol. 3 no. 2, May 1996, pp. 20-29.

Harvey, R.C. "Alley Oop Volumes #1-3" Comics Journal, no. 200, December 1997, pp. 30-31 [Review of Kitchen Sink publications]

FF 51. Articles:

Gedney, Larry. "Alley Oop and the Dinosaurs, Article #565" Alaska Science Forum, September 24, 1982. Found at:

Maggard, Dewey. "Off the Cuff: Royal Road to Moo" Dewey's World of Coins, July 28, 2000. Found at: [obsolete URL].

Markstein, Donald D. "Alley Oop" Don Markstein's Toonopedia, 2000-2002. Found at:

Falk, Lee. "A Short History of The Comic Strip" from an unknown magazine, [1972?]. The article mentions V.T. Hamlin's Alley Oop strip as one of the humorous adventure era strips. On the top of the artcle is a note to V.T. Hamlin written by Thomas McAffee, University of Missouri-Columbia English professor: "Snitch: Alley Oop is in good company here–Tom."

Howell, Margaret A. "The Prehistoric Salesman." Hogan's Alley no. 11, 2003, 96-132. Photocopy.

Bender, Jack, and Carole Bender. "Our Friend Alley Oop." Cartoonist Profiles, no. 135, Sept. 2002, 38-47. Photocopy.

FF 52. "Alley Oop Man Ready to Retire." Unidentified newspaper article.

Signed photo of V.T. Hamlin (2 copies). Gift of Peter Malik, 2004.

FF 53. July 15, 1990 letter to Frank Stack from Michael H. Price, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram re Panther Kitten cartoons of 1926 with 11 photocopies of cartoons from the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram.

Ten reproductions of the Panther Kitten cartoon from Dave Graue[?]

FF 54. "Alley Oop Comes to Campus." Arts and Science, Columbia, Mo.: University of Missouri-Columbia, 1990-91. p. 1 (4 copies).

FF 55. Articles:

Ellinport, Jeffrey M. Collecting Original Comic Strip Art, Norfolk: Antique Traders Books, 1999, p. 114.

Duin, Steve and Mike Richardson. Comics Between the Panels, Dark Horse, 1998.

Horn, Maurice. 100 Years of Newspaper Comics, New York: Gramercy, 1996, pp. 38-39.

Exhibition catalog excerpt: Harvey, Robert C. Children of the Yellow Kid, Seattle: Frye Art Museum in association with University of Washington Press, 1998, title page and p. 62.

"Top 100 Comics" [Alley Oop is named number 60 of the century] Comics Journal, no. 210, February, 1999.

Lowrey, Larry and Snodgrass, Ray. "Collectors' Corner" [on identification of editions of Alley Oop Big Little Books] Big Little Times, vol. 20 no. 1, March/April 2001. Gift of authors.

Interview with V.T. Hamlin. Comics Journal no. 212 (May 1999).