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V.T. Hamlin Collections


Presented to the University of Missouri Libraries by Theodora DeWalt 1/10/01.

Box 6

Career and Influence

FF 1. VTH’s World War II Work. All are items compiled by Michael J. Drake prior to the dedication of Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport Historical Marker in 1/30/1997 that commemorated the airport’s World War II role. Included are:

Correspondence with Michael J. Drake.

Airplanes with Alley Oop nose art (Paleface (41-24370), Dottie 41-24411 both of the 92nd BG, 325th BS and one not identified (photocopies).

“Alley Oop Goes to War” Sarasota Herald-Tribune, July 3, 1942
(shows VTH painting a plane).

“Sarasota Bomber Squadron Remembered” Newspaper not identified, 1/30/1997. Sent to DeWalt by Laura D. Queen.

Invitation to the Dedication sent to DeWalt.

“Nose Art Basis for Heritage Museum” Denver Post, undated.

FF 2. Alley Oop theme park, Iraan, TX 1965 Bumper Sticker, “Visit Alley Oop Playland, Iraan, Texas.”

FF 3. Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts. Gulf Coast University. Diploma 1971. (photocopy)

Wings of Forest Oaks [newsletter of the Forest Oaks Care Center]. Column “Our Talented Residents” contains a brief note by VTH and a drawing of Alley Oop. Undated.

FF 4. Alley Oop Room. Hotel Pattee, Perry, Iowa. Correspondence with DeWalt
asking and receiving permission to name a room for VTH and invitation to
the grand opening and rededication, 5/29/1997.




FF 5. Letter from Dorothy Hamlin to DeWalt at the time of the announcement
of VTH’s retirement.

Greeting card to VTH (forwarded to DeWalt) from Joe and Madge Buchko.

Pictorial Christmas greeting from Dave Graue 1991 and 1992 (one is in
Alley Oop strip format).


FF 6. Ken Greenwald to VTH 2/25/1991.

Jack Bromiley to DeWalt 8/30/1992 and 6/18/1993. With a pictorial account of VTH’s life by Bromiley.

FF 7. Daniel B. Levine to DeWalt 3/13/1995. With a preprint of Levine’s article “Classica American Troglodytica. V.T. Hamlin’s ‘Alley Oop’, April 1939 – February 1940. The Epic Meets the Comics” Classical and Modern Literature, vol. 14, no. 4, Summer 1994.

Ronald P. Sharrah to DeWalt 7/14/1995 and her reply.

FF 8. Jack Bender to DeWalt 5/9/1995 and her reply. Includes an article from Tulsa World, 5/5/1995, “Cartoonist Get Stamp Approval.”

FF 9. Tobia L. Meyers to DeWalt 10/2/1995.

Lee Clough to DeWalt 1/10/1996 and 6/21/1996 and her reply. Includes photocopy of newspaper clipping of an Alley Oop float in the Memphis Cotton Carnival Parade (undated) and a four-page summary of the Alley Oop strips by Clough.

Newspaper Articles

FF 10. “I’m Learning More Than They Are” Sarasota Herald-Tribune, April 4, 1971. VTH’s drawing class at the Boy’s Club.

“Creator of Alley Oop Strip to Retire” Miami Herald, November 29, 1971.

“Alley Oop Creator Hears From Fans, Won’t Retire” Tampa Tribune-Times, December 5, 1971.

“Alley Oop Will Stay” Sarasota Herald-Tribune, December 6, 1971.

Column from Sarasota Herald-Tribune regarding Alley Oop’s 50th Anniversary. Partial clipping only, part of headline is missing. Undated. 1983[?]

“Caveman Cartoonist Enjoyed Fishing Here. The Enterprise (Livingston, MT), July [?] 1993. Also contains a note to DeWalt from Lew Urbach.

Article about Alley Oop Stamp. Portion of article only. Newspaper not identified. 1995[?]

Cartoon (Jurrasic Park) Rocky Mountain News, April 8, 1996.

“Oops! Alley Back in News” Rocky Mountain News, undated. Strip that had been left out of newspaper is printed. Signed Graue/Bender.

Personal Family Papers

FF 11. Picture Postcard. Island Resort Motel, Livingston, MT.

VTH’s recipes for Chili and Potato Soup.

FF 12. Sunday strip April 9, 1995.

Bronze Statue of Alley Oop by Gary Ernest Smith 1992 (photographs). Also photos of his Krazy Kat statue.


Filed in Box 5 of V.T. Hamlin Collection I

VTH and family 1970’s[?] to 1990 (21 photographs).