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V.T. Hamlin Collections

Box 6

Travel expenses notebook, 1972-1978 (1)

Cash book of business expenses and payments, June 1922-1928 (1)

Address books (one includes a list of the Hamlins’ addresses December 24, 1926-May 15, 1942) (6)

Weekly reminder notebooks for 1968-1969; 1971; 1979-1983 (VTH) (8)

“Language of Flowers” birthday book (Dorothy) (1)

Alley Oop and Dinny in the Jungle of Moo. Racine, WI: Whitman Publishing Company, 1936. (1)

Alley Oop. Paris: Dupuis, 1966. (French) (1)

Miscellaneous pins and medallions (16)

Romer, Alfred Sherwood. Vertebrate Paleontology. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1933. (1)

Alley Oop pins (2)

Sarasota, Florida Rotary Club nametag for VTH (1)

Deck of playing cards with photo of the Hamlin’s house in Sarasota

Birthday note to Dorothy from VTH [?], 1926 (1)

Plaque (National Honor Tablet) (1)