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V.T. Hamlin Collections

Box 1

FF 1. Transmittal letter conveying ownership of the collection from Mrs. Theodora Dewalt to the University of Missouri, December 22, 1990, effective January 1, 1991. (2)

FF 2. Just for the Record. An index of happenings and events over a period of eighty years by V.T. Hamlin. 1983. [autobiographical sketch]. (56p)


FF 3. Early career influences:

  • “Outbursts of Everett True” (1)
  • “Oscar and Adolph” (3)
  • “Flip and Flap.” (1)

FF 4. Early work:

  • Wash drawing-Art School, 1921 (1)
  • Truth from “The Hired Hand,” Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 1924 (1)
  • Cartoon from TCU Skiff 1925 (1)
  • “Panther Kitten” – postcard and 10″x8″ drawing (2)
  • Postcard from Discovery Well No. 1, Iraan, TX (1). Hamlin was on site when this well became a gusher. Evidence of dinosaur bones gave Hamlin the idea for a comic strip about dinosaurs and cavemen.
  • Post office receipt for register/insured mail from Bonnet-Brown. (1)
  • See also Folder 59. Perry (Iowa) High School Yearbook. The Eclipse (1920). Illustrated by VTH.

FF 5. Program. Cover by VTH (program cover and one complete program). Colorado School of Mines 23rd Annual Engineers’ Day, April 12-13, 1957. (2)

FF 6. Program. Cover by VTH. 1957 International Micro Midget Championship Race Yearbook. Carlsbad, NM, November 15-17, 1957. (1)

FF 7. Program. Cover by VTH. Dallas Cowboys vs. New Orleans Saints 1971. (1)

FF 8. Comic art exhibits and book announcements in which Alley Oop is included. (4)

  • Pictorial greetings to VTH from Bud Blake, Harry A. West, and Eliza and Dave Graue. (4)
  • College of Cartooning (fundraiser for Jaycee Cancer Crusade) flyer and certificate. (2)

FF 9. Alley Oop comic strips (photocopies of newspaper) sent by Ronald P. Sharrah. (12). Scattered issues 1933, 1934, 1936.

FF 10. Alley Oop comic strips (photocopies of newspapers) sent by Ronald P. Sharrah. (34). Scattered issues 1934, 1937, 1939, 1945.

FF 11. Watercolor chart and layout sketches (11)

FF 12. VTH’s World War II work:

  • News release with photo “Alley Oop Hits Nazi Targets”
  • Matchbook cover with Alley Oop, 92 Bomb Group, U.S. Army
  • Photomechanical reproductions of cartoons done for AAF Regional and Convalescent Hospital, Nashville (16)
  • Article about the hospital cartoon series in Review, September 1945.

FF 13. Alley Oop theme park, Iraan, TX, 1965

  • Brochures and flyers (8)
  • Letters (2) to VTH from Iraan Chamber of Commerce and Radio KCTA
  • Decal, matchbook cover, napkin and picture postcard.

FF 14. Alley Oop Broadway play (1966) – 10 newspaper articles.

FF 15. Alley Oop in “Getting the Bird” script for animated CBS cartoon. Filmation Associates, 1970-1971?

FF 16. “Young Alley Oop” cartoon. Creative Management Associates.

FF 17. Frame sketches (264) for [?] entitled Alley Oop

FF 18. Alley Oop the Teen Stone-Ager illustrations. Copy 1 (5)

FF 19. Alley Oop the Teen Stone-Ager illustrations Copy 2 (4)

FF 20. The “All American” Art Cartooning” Alley Oop p. 37

FF 21. See, Sally. “Nothing Funny in the Funnies”. Pilgrim Youth, vol. 2 no. 9, April 1949 pp. 21-23.

FF 22. Eureka vol. 4 no. 33, June 15, 1970, pp. 45-52 reproduces Italian translation of Alley Oop Sunday strips for June 27, 1965 to August 15, 1965.

FF 23. “Nostalgia Dept.” [features VTH], Cartoonists Profiles no. 5, February 1970, pp. 60-68.

FF 24. Reprint volume of Little Nemo in Slumberland and an advertisement for Classic American Comic Strips.