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John Tinney McCutcheon Collection of Editorial Cartoons


ID M D Y Subject Caption Description
R1       Society The Colors “The Fields” in peace
(green), war (red), post-war (black; white crosses)
R2         General MacArthur and Major
Bradley strong
Two men in Army uniform (ca.
1900?) stand on railroad tracks
R3       Society none Parade of people and animals
toward circus tent and cedar lake (2 copies)
R4         The cruise of the sun dog Story and illustrations by
R5 11 10 1904 Politics The mysterious stranger Missouri moves solid South
Democratic group to Republican group
R6     1907 Society Two ways of looking at things Man who looks for beautiful
things; man who looks for sordid things
R7     1909 Economics Mr.
Harriman’s… reorganizing… railways
Harriman, at desk, gives orders
to various other tycoons (Morgan, Gould, etc.)
R8 1 8 1911 Society His friends Man in study is joined by many
small figures from history, literature, etc.
R9     1912 Nature Injun summer Old man tells story to boy,
haystacks turn into teepees in their minds
R10     1925 Society …City real estate… I might have
As same corner increases in
value, men bemoan not buying it earlier
R11     1929 Society 120 years ago Pioneer couple wonders how Mrs.
Lincoln will feed another child
R12     1930 Society none Woman screams out of window of
burning building, men below hesitate to help
R13 11 12 1930 Post-WWI Last will… of all great wars Dead “war” slumps in
chair; his will bequeaths debts, unrest, hatred, etc.
R14     1931 Nature Jack Frost Elf sits on leaf stem, painted
leaves red, yellow, gold, etc.
R15     1931 Nature The Hunter’s Moon Man and dog sit outside cabin on
lake shore while huge harvest moon rises
R16 4 19 1931 Society Inventions throughout the ages 6 panels: each has display of
amazing inventions of that era
R17 8 19 1931 Economics none Squirrel asks bank failure
victim why he didn’t save, he says “I did!”
R18 1 10 1921 Post-WWI The Big Parade War and its aftermath (carnage,
money madness, etc.) parade across page
R19 8 30 1933 Society Waiting for the doctor Worried parents call in doctor
at night; delay their own payment to him
R20 8 30 1936 Society Why not make… cemeteries
Gravestones engraved with
humorous rhymes about traffic fatalities
R21     1937 Nature The rivals Fairy paints spring trees in
pastel colors; elf waits for fall to do bright colors
R22 7 2 1937 Society Which has had the greatest
influence on humanity?
3 panels: Marconi, Edison, Ford
and a world full of cars
R23     1938 Society Cross-examining Junior about his
Parents try to get information
from squirming boy
R24     1942 WWII One of the hardships of war Solider who didn’t get letter
from home sits with head in hands