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John Tinney McCutcheon Collection of Editorial Cartoons

Available Online

These items are available in the University of Missouri Digital Library, beginning with item JM-W001.

Original Pen and Ink Drawings with Watercolor

ID Y Size Subject Caption Description
W1   8×10 Politics none Elephant stands for U.S. first;
donkey has reds, New Dealism on his back
W2   6.5×2.5 Pre-WWII none Uncle Sam chides Easterners for
taunting Midwest to get into the war
W3 1918 10×12   Great Lakes as it was/now Annapolis used to look down on
Great Lakes, now is overshadowed by it
W4 1941 8×10.5 Society none Chicagoans feel good about
giving to the coummunity fund
W5 1942 11×14.5   We’re getting… astronomical
Man writes and figures huge
numbers on blackboard while other man watches
W6 1942 11×12 WWII U.S. Flag Day in every
FDR points to world map with
U.S. men and supplies everywhere
W7 1942 12×9 WWII They all belong to the same
“Labor”, “Capital”, “Fighting Men” reach up to
American flag
W8 1942 7.2×8.7 WWII The onward march of civilization “War” totals up
battles/men engaged/losses from Waterloo to Nazi battles
W9 1942   Pre-WWII none Uncle Sam chides Easterners for
taunting Midwest to get into the war
W10 1942 6.5×7.7 WWII King Solomon… never dreamed of it Man tells Solomon about war over
islands bearing his name in future
W11 1942 6.5×8 WWII Before and after; you hate to
see them go…
Parents worry about idle son;
are proud when he enlists
W12 1942 10×12 WWII Trying to sign… international
Men try to sell woman federal
union and world union, soldier approaches
W13 1942 7.2×8.7 WWII “Say! Is this the old
Soldiers look at hotel lobby
scene, includes Laguardia, band plays
W14 1942 12×10 WWII [has been covered up] 10 Santas salute, family (dad in
uniform) stand by Christmas tree
W15 1943 8×5   none At international food
conference, press is not admitted to much
W16 1943 8×10 Economics none Morgenthau and International
Food Conference clouds float over Fort Knox
W17 1943 8×10 Economics I’ll have to tighten your belt,
“New Deal” in
mortarboard squeezes protesting Uncle Sam’s belt
W18 1943 8×10 Economics none Uncle Sam works feverishly at
desk with math books
W19 1943 8.5×11 Politics “I had ’em eating out o’ my
hand… “
FDR speaks to Churchill on phone
while sweating out “Independence” folks
W20 1943 8×9 Politics Why not cut out the
“un”… “written law”
Uncle Sam points to “corner
stone” against more than 2 terms for President
W21 1943 8×10 WWII The flying v’s down
where… spring…
Soldiers march by southern
scene, pants on clothesline spell V
W22 1943 8×10 WWII After you, my dear Air Force Uncle Sam looks at map, Italian
islands where soldier is stepping
W23 1943 8×10 WWII none H. Ford gets news that they have
produced the 120,000th bomber, all happy
W24 1943   WWII In the Allied camp [above top
Churchill, FDR look at map;
Hitler, Togo, Mussolini worry about U.S.
W25 1943 8×10 WWII The straws show… wind is blowing… Hitler, 2 others watch as Berlin
monument falls