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John Tinney McCutcheon Collection of Editorial Cartoons

Available Online

 Scans of these cartoons are available in the University of Missouri Digital Library

Undetermined Date

ID M D Y Subject Caption Description
1         Columbus Day 4 scenes of Columbus in modern-day Chicago
2         Universal Military
Training… Huskiness
Thin men admire husky shoulders,
are told they would be too, if trained
3       Economics none Man amazed by long Christmas
list of “Victims… Oil… Swindle”
4       Economics How the Milk Trust… Poor Consumer Milk-shippers raise price 3/8
cent; trust raises one cent, gives thanks
5       Economics Why Cotton Goods are so High Southern Dems approve wheat
price fixing during war, oppose cotton fixing
6       Economics none Three scenes involving Henry
7       Economics none “The Unemployed” man
is ignored by passers-by
8       Economics none 3 scenes of men buying, then
wishing they had waited
9       Economics A week with a great wheat
Man corners wheat market, is
besieged by crowd, has to leave town
10       Economics Why the dividend was cut Labor demands dividend cut in
return for wage cut
11       Economics If we don’t look… without coal
and railroads
Railroad and coal strikers see
busy highways, hydro-powered machines
12       Mixed Some idle thoughts on the law 6 unrelated panels, one depicts
T. Roosevelt
13       Mixed The changing world German defeat didn’ t bring
peace, marching through Arc d’Triomphe
14 2 2   Nature Mr. Ground Hog — His Day Groundhog comes out of hole, is
scared back by shadow from car headlight
15       Politics How the election returns look 16 panels, Taft reads
unfavorable headlines
16       Politics “Vote, Brother, Vote” poem 3 men, drawn with all right
angles, at mail box with “post card” vote
17       Politics none 3 panels about political
convention; cheering, roll call, KKK
18 12 24   Politics The honorable mentionables for
Parade of contenders named in
alphabetical rhyme
19       Politics none Elephant and donkey read
Minnesota election returns: Farm/Labor won
20       Politics none Pollster asks “Ohio”
which of her favorite sons she loves best
21       Politics Mr. American
Reactionary… Opinion… Europe
Europeans praise T. Roosevelt to
the dismay of biased Americans
22       Politics How we have changed! Pinckney said not a cent for
tribute, now Pol. Says none for defense
23       Politics Before and After Congress very interested as they
pass raise, sessions ignored afterwards
24       Politics The controlled newspaper… News
Baised editor charges copy of T.
Roosevelt story to distort content
25       Politics Presidential nominees… Leap year 2 panels: “Nomination”
woman proposes; is chased up tree by pursuers
26       Politics none Congress proud of 70% naval
efficiency; Uncle Sam & Hughes shocked
27       Politics none Wedding of “Brooklyn”
woman and “New York” man, almost all are unhappy
28       Politics none 3 scenes of people hopelessly
deadlocked calling for Judge Landis
29       Politics Just before election Wilson, Marshall campaign
against trusts, gambling except in home states
30       Politics The chaffeur gives a
Democratic Party donkey wants to
run country after crashing convention car
31       Politics Nailing it up to stay Uncle Sam nails “Ship
Subsidy” flag to “Adequate Merchant Marine” ship
32       Politics none Stock jugglers threaten man on
way to good government with “panic” sword
33       Politics At the ringside T.R. talks to man in center of
roped-off area, reporters strain to hear
34       Politics Missouri loves company but not
that one
Missouri kicks “New York
Life Insurance Co.” out door
35       Politics none Democrats unimpressed when
G.O.P. wins Maine; rejoice when they do
36       Politics Hearst is going to read… Tonight Unhappy men in circle make inane
comments, read paper upside down, etc.
37       Politics none Groups cheer for Charles W.
Bryan or John W. Davis
38       Politics none President happy when both horses
(houses) Republican; unhappy when Senate is Democratic
39       Politics none After radio speech, politician
is overheard; “radio vote” defeats him
40       Politics none Man holds “Financial
Plan,” other man holds “Tariff Revision,” tips hat
41       Politics none Group led by Napoleon-like
“Hearst of N.Y.” trudges through mud
42       Politics none 5 scenes of Chicago aldermanic
stunts, etc.
43       Post-WWI none Uncle Sam, Wilson as Policeman
of Europe, Monroe Doctrine signs
44       Society none Man dates girl from escort
service, they don’t have the same interests
45       Society Babe Ruth’s at the bat! Man in open roadster is hit by
baseball from World Series park
46       Society The country set to music Outline of U.S. with musical
notes for cities
47       Society The onward march of civilization Hand tallies battles, men
engaged, losses from Waterloo to Shakhe River
48       Society none Couple rents fake expensive
furniture for moving day
49 8 28   Society Sentiment during office hours Chief accountant daydreams while
clerk works; they end up switched places
50       Society As bad as the muck rake man Man crawls in trench filling
bags with money, is on way to cemetery
51 7 3   Society Important News… Front (Lake
Vignette of soldier on guard
duty halting girlfriend, officer observes
52       Society Waiting for relief Poor woman shields children from
hot sun, looks out at water
53 2 22   Society As he would have looked in
modern garb
Portrait of George Washington in
early 20th century suit
54       Society The teacher of militarism Old man tells boys about good
old days of 1915, women scold him
55       Society When the old homestead, etc. House gets smaller and smaller
compared to people, trees, outbuildings
56       Society The wide tire ordinance Early autos shared streets with
horses, now wide tires are required
57       Society Last call for Leap Year
8 panels: woman plays wedding
march, pretends to talk to other man
58       Society The “Hobo” test On way to Salvation Army lodge,
some turn back rather than bathe
59       Society The spirit of the times Scenes of people disregarding
signs: keep off grass, no smoking, etc.
60       Society A political discussion Man and woman sit at table in
61       Society none 6 panels: people shoot each
other for little reason
62       Society none Man leaves farm for city, has
huge food bill due to farm/crop shortages
63 8 10   Society When parents begin to wonder At 10:30, couple discusses where
Willie is tonight
64       Society Have you ever noticed — Foreign ambassadors to U.S.
unaffected by flattery, American ones are
65       Society Our present divorce laws Couple sits apart or together
depending on what state train passes through
66       Society How to raise more taxes Duty on Mexican divorces;
Heiress/nobleman marriage; exchange rate
67       Society none Policeman interrupts meeting of
ladies league of anti-vice crusaders
68       Society The steel trust millionaire… 5 panels: man succeeds in
business, steps out on wife, loses respect
69       Society none Rich man approaches, is embraced
by, 4 other men
70       Society The remorse that got sidetracked 4 panels: woman with candle, man
carries shoes, darkness, unhappy morning
71       Society none Man loses hat, misses train;
becomes rich and is admired
72       Society none 6 panels: old-fashioned
weddings, “modern” ones where vows are temporary
73       Society none 4 panels: billiards, theatre,
bar, tree
74       Society Showing… People… Don’t… Mean… What… Say Visitor dismays family by
“making himself at home”; smokes, gambles, etc.
75       World The polite arts of diplomacy Baron Uschida, President Taft
face each other with secret treaties in pocket
76       World Britain’s Black Friday Huge fist (“miners”,
“railway men”) is held over England
77       World none Uniformed man is shocked reading
history of French Revolution
78       World none Uncle Sam tried to keep out
undesirable immigrants
79       World A good New Year’s resolution Hand writes out check to Italian
relief fund
80       World School is about to open in the
far east
Japan teaches modern military
methods to Korea and China
81       World One of the little father’s busy
Paranoid czar goes through day
behind guards and walls
82       World The siren “Conquest” whispers
into ear of “France” while world is dismayed
83       World Some expert advice… Panama Canal Farmer, woman editor, man
editor, scientist offer silly advice on canal
84       World none Britannia boasts about sbsidized
merchant marine, Uncle Sam frowns
85       World The war
department… ladrones… insurgents
Military man puzzled by special
dispatch about fighting in Manila
86       World The captain and crew… William P.
Prinz Eitel Friederich ship
sinks the Wm. P. Frye
87       World Undisputed sovereignty Uncle Sam proudly views Panama
Canal as U.S. flag flies above it
88       WWI Another case of hyphenitis Uncle Sam watches
Italian-Americans board ships to fight for Italy
89       WWI Cartoons of the day Gen. Crowder, Pellegrini’s Raid;
U.S. builds 10,000 tons of shipping a day
90       Politics none Sideshow barkers call McKinley
largest man in world, smallest in U.S.
91       Society none Various displays in Museum of
U.S. Wealth (gold statue of McKinley)
92       Economics none 3 panels: 3 scenes of government
and individual greed
93       Politics Sen. Aldrich’s… Troupe… Senators Tiny senators surround chair and
agree with Sen. Aldrich
94       Economics none 3 panels at the “Harriman
Rex Railroads”


ID M D Y Subject Caption Description
95     1903 Society It’s easy… help when you don’t
need it
Man down on luck is shunned,
later when prosperous has many friends
96     1903 Society Some people… believe… bad things Man in club is talked about,
negative aspects get emphasized
97     1904 Society Colorado at the St. Louis
World’s Fair
Colorado groups and exhibits,
such as grizzly bear, miners, etc.
98 2 13 1904 World Strategic War Map… Port
Arthur… Tiger’s Tail
Map of “tiger’s tail”
part of Korea
99 5 23 1904 Society Texas at the St. Louis World’s
Parade of Texas entries wind
through picture
100 7 8 1904 Politics Two scenes in St. Louis 2 scenes: Demo. Delegates cheer
for Philippine independence, see hunt
101 9 9 1904 Society Mississippi Day at the St. Louis
World’s Fair
Parade of entries from
Mississippi winds across page
102 9 6 1904 Society New Jersey at the St. Louis Fair Parade of entries from New
Jersey winds across page
103 10 6 1904 Society Dropping down to the Fair for
Chicago Day
Crowd drops from sky onto St.
104 11 28 1904 Politics Pres. Roosevelt… Chicago Trip “Missouri” and
“Reception Comm.” sleep in rockers at retirement home
105 12 2 1904 Society Scene in St. Louis yesterday “Francis” (Pres.of
fair) is showered with flowers from cannon
106     1905 World Two ways… Peace… Russia a kopeck Rockefeller and Carnegie give
loads of money to Komura and Dewitte
107 1 21 1905 Politics Missouri loves company but not a
Politician sits between
“Kerens” and “Niedringhaus”
108 1 11 1905 Society If… weather continues… Russian
Women in national costumes
shiver, envy warm Russian costume
109 1 3 1905 World “Well, General,
you… magnificent fight!”
Surrender scene: Nogi gives
Stoessel peace laurel, receives sword
110 3 20 1905 Politics Exciting finish… Mo. Senatorial
“Missouri” hangs onto
tail of running elephant
111 8 30 1905 World One sun that hasn’t been
Japanese soldier waves Japanese
112     1906 Politics The “ayes” had it… N.Y.
Rep. Convention
Bosses and machine men don’t
want Hughes; people shout them down
113 2 7 1906 World Our daily hint from Paris… “Count B. de C.” sits
unhappily on steps, has lost his meal ticket
114 2 13 1906 Society Cut out and send Wedding congratulations card to
send to Nicholas Longworth in Washington
115 3 13 1906 Politics Missouri and Mr. Rockefeller 4 panels: Missouri, Subpoena in
hand, and dog chase barrel
116 3 6 1906 Politics Missouri and Mr. Rockefeller Missouri, subpoena in hand, and
dog follow footprints to Wash. Monument
117 3 9 1903 Politics Missouri and Mr. Rockefeller Missouri and dog jump from
Washington Monument following footprints
118 3 21 1906 Nature The last day of Mr. Winter Chicago hands hat to old man
winter, sitting in icy chair
119 3 18 1906 Politics Missouri and Mr. Rockefeller 4 panels: Missouri, subpoena in
hand, and dog chase barrel to cave
120 1 22 1907 World The governor of Jamaica 2 panels: U.S. friendly to
Jamaica; John Bull extends fist across ocean
121 8 22 1907 Economics Come on in, boys Good men, sheltered by law, call
to unhappy criminals outside in rain
122 11 22 1907 Economics The Trust Conference in a
3 panels: meeting adjourns after
one brief statement about obeying law
123     1908 Politics Some schemes… Interest in the
3 scenes of mixing politics with
baseball to increase public interest
124     1908 Politics Map of the U.S… .Finance… Senate Distorted U.S. map emphasizes
Eastern cities, all else wrong/misspelled
125     1908 Politics When Uncle Adlai goes a-wooing Man calls on Miss Illinois, is
followed by “Adlai’s War Record”, etc.
126 2 1 1908 Politics Where Gov. Hughes launched his
At convention, crowd ignores
speaker to read “President’s message”


ID M D Y Subject Caption Description
127     1910 Mixed The changing world Coal threatened by oil; Wm. J.
Bryan; mandate now subjugates people
128     1910 Politics Taft — “Shake hands with
… Canadian… “
Taft introduces Middle West to
Canadian reciprocity
129     1910 Politics Will it be conservative or
Taft writes message while
interested parties peer in windows
130     1910 Politics Pres. Taft — “Hello… Coroner?” Taft sits on squished “Jap
warscare” man
131     1910 Politics Sen. Ballinger… White Christmas Repub. Majority brings
whitewash, minority report angry in background
132 8 12 1910 World Fifty years from now Elderly couple
“Albruzzi” and “Miss Elkins” wait for consent
133 10 6 1910 World 3 captions suggested Manuel, deposed king of
Portugal, watches joyous Portuguese republic
134 6 16 1911 Politics Adkins commanding… Waters to stop Adkins tries to hold back tide
for waterways legislation
135 9 29 1911 Economics Busy days for… stock trader 6 panels: man confused over
stock implications of news stories
136 12 19 1911 World Adjusting the Russian treaty
3 panels: Uncle Sam changes
wording of Sulzer resolution
137     1912 Politics none 3 scenes of T.R., Taft, Harding
in primaries, convention
138     1912 Politics “Well, Gentlemen” said
the President…
Taft and 8 men sit in cabinet
room, one (Ballinger) sweats under stares
139     1912 Politics For chairman of convention “Gavel rule” wins even
thought TR had many more primary delegates than Taft
140     1912 Politics Proposed solution… problem Man suggests preferential
primaries as a solution to fraudulent delegates
141     1912 Nature The great spring take-off Hot man writes letter asking
Taft, Roosevelt views on wool underwear
142     1912 Society Political methods — old and new Old-style backroom boys politics
compared to new family-oriented way
143     1912 Politics Awkward mistake in the date Taft writes out 1912 because the
numerals look too much like T.R.
144     1912 Mixed Each panel has own caption Capital/labor argue, U.S. asked
to mediate war unrest, G.O.P. internal argument
145 8 13 1912 Politics The Senate passes a parcels post
Senators pleased with parcels
post legislation, express cos. Upset
146 10 24 1912 World The troubles of Turkey 2 panels: Turkey bemoans weak
navy, strong army; army is defeated
147 11 9 1912 World Swimming the Hellespont In Constantinople,
“sultan” and others jump into sea, head for Asia
148     1913 World Japan objects to the weapon… Japanese soldier and Calif. Man
face each other across ocean
149     1913 Politics none “States Rights” girl
abandoned by W.J.B.; Californians sell land to Japanese
150     1913 Economics none U.S. businessman reluctant to
sell to Japanese man, sells at $6000
151 4 9 1913 Politics The President is working on his
Wilson writes message to
Congress on poorly built “1913 Cabinet”
152 4 5 1913 Politics Make the punishment fit the
3 panels: while Aldrich buys
antiques in Paris, tax is passed on them
153 5 9 1913 World If he finds one… St. Helena John Bull looks fearfully under
his bed
154 10 25 1913 World Huerta and Felix Diaz 2 panels: Huerta and Diaz laugh
over deaths, then Huerta betrays Diaz
155     1914 World Madame Caillaux… help over here Americans watch uproar in Paris,
offer help to Mme. Caillaux
156 11 26 1914 WWI There will be… vacant
chairs… meeting
Few nations at meeting to
negotiate armistice on all belligerent frons
157 11 16 1914 WWI “Bobs” Taken Battle rages in backgroun das
death leads away Lord Roberts
158     1915 Politics The President… business in
President carries axe “For
Theodore”, runs out of White House towards Massachusetts
159     1915 Politics none William Jennings Bryan,
Secretary of State, and miner can’t meet expenses; take second jobs
160     1915 WWI The Christmas Carol… not
Wilson sings “Peace”
while Lansing sings “war”
161     1915 WWI The refining influence… war
Family deplores war until they
buy war stocks, then look for profit
162     1915 WWI Why the U.S. must be strictly
Stars of U.S. flag are labeled
with many different nationalities
163 1 13 1915 Politics Suggestion… new seating… Illinois
House is divided to wet and dry
sides, regardless of party
164 2 4 1915 WWI Will there be enough to go
Nations crowd around Uncle Sam
preparing to slice “U.S. Bread”
165 4 31 1915 WWI The great temperance worker “War” chops head of
Liquor as European countries watch
166 4 25 1915 WWI Two unpopular Europeans 2 panels: Man won’t enlist, man
doesn’t worry for his country after war
167 5 12 1915 WWI Two crimes Sub attacks ocean liner;
mercenary ammo is stored in it
168     1916 Politics Long distance driving From White House porch, Wilson
holds reigns of donkey in San Francisco
169     1916 Politics He kept us out of war! Behind proud Dem. Speaker, other
nationals say he wouldn’t have if…
170     1916 Politics Getting scareder and scareder! Wilson increased campaign
activities as Hughes gains ground
171     1916 WWI none 5 panels of bi-plane dogfight
172     1916 Politics The N.Y. “Suffs” and
the “Anti’s”
As suffragette parade passes, it
gets larger, anti’s get smaller
173 5 20 1916 WWI National defense 2 panels: defense sentiment
speeds along, man hates taxes, fears invasion
174 6 13 1916 Politics All about politics 5 scens about Democratic
convention in St. Louis; Wilson, Bryan appear
175 8 10 1916 Politics Don’t let him go, whatever you
Said by Uncle Sam to Wilson as
“Arbitration” leaves ship of state
176 11 5 1916 Politics The daily bread line 1913 Men stand in 1913 bread line,
one has sign: he kept us out of work
177     1917 WWI Winning the war 5 panels: words, wishes, etc.
won’t win war, rifles will
178     1917 WWI Pan-Germany is… Panicy Germany German says they’ll win before
U.S. can arrive, is covered by losses
179     1917 WWI There are some
Congressmen… Germans
Uncle Sam’s arms are weak or
held back by Congressional ropes
180     1917 WWI In the national army parade
People watch parade, wonder who
will be “the Grant of this war”
181     1917 WWI Long speeches by those pictured Patrick Henry, Stephen Decatur,
and Private Sammy Jones on patriotism
182 5 10 1917 WWI The new income tax 6 panels: men decide giving mere
money not so bad as soldiers march by
183 6 1 1917 Mixed Cartoonical miscellany 3 panels: war scene; draft;
spring scene
184 9 27 1917 WWI Peace talk 3 panels: soldier drags public;
Reichstag talks peace; tickertape is down
185 11 15 1917 WWI Tag Day 2 oval scenes: man gives to
“Tag Day”, is asked to give to “Liberty Loan”
186 9 2 1918 Mixed 3 stories, 3 captions Threat of Union/Strike;
Pro-prohibition; labor party
187     1919 Politics Political 3 scenes about Wilson, his
political “punch”, and the League of Nations
188     1919 Politics New members of the club League amendments, daylight
savings join political issues club
189     1919 Post-WWI Compromises Wilson compromised at Versailles
for treaty, now won’t with Congress
190     1919 Post-WWI America would like to know Uncle Sam asks Wilson when
“America” gave its word to the world
191 8 14 1916 Politics Mr. Wilson — “Hey, don’t
wreck that car… “
Railroad labor and management
argue, almost drive car across tracks
192     1919 Post-WWI Nope! Wilson, carrying League
covenant, can’t bring Uncle Sam with him
193     1919 Post-WWI If things… according… prospectus Wilson and League meet openly,
then hold secret meetings
194     1919 Post-WWI none Ben Franklin in Paris as U.S.
envoy; Wilson in victory parade in Paris
195 3 8 1919 World Bolshevism 3 panels: Allies in rear are
unrest, etc.; army marches; invades


ID M D Y Subject Caption Description
196     1920 Post-WWI none Thin “war level
profits” admonishes fat “war level wages” to reduce
197     1920 Post-WWI none Man upset with taxes caused by
war costs, upset with Democrats
198     1920 Politics Congress is all out
2 men on porch watch groups
scurrying around looking into “Teapot Dome,” etc.
199     1920 World none Shipping trust wants to go
through Panama Canal free, Uncle Sam refuses
200     1920 Post-WWI Our foreign relations… after the
Uncle Sam eats big meal as poor
people, deposed kings look in windows
201     1920 Economics Making a bad situation worse Undesirable immigrants pour off
ship as unemployed Americans watch
202     1920 Mixed Cartoons of the day Delaware halts women’s vote;
Germany loses hope; Irish revolt interferes
203     1920 Mixed Big bills Reparations caused by war; crime
wave in Chicago; Taft friendly with Wilson
204     1920 Post-WWI As Uncle Sam Prepares… European
Uncle Sam joins Europe in
reparation inquiry, Congress worried
205     1920 Politics none In 1912, Lafollette snubbed
T.R., now he leads Progressive Party
206     1920 Society none 3 panels: 3 scenes of hypocrisy
207     1920 World Will they come to an agreement? “Irish” asks for
U.S.-style independence, John Bull offers commonwealth
208     1920 Society A busy day at the county jail 4 panels: Prisoners break out of
jail under guards’ noses
209 2 1 1921 Nature City pigeons Pigeon escapes car wheels, sits
on ledge of building.Has sketch on
210 10 8 1921 Economics 3 scenes, 3 captions 3 panels showing possible
consequences of impending railroad strike
211 11 30 1921 World none 3 panels: Uncle Sam threatens
Japanese diplomat over fair naval ratios
212 12 2 1921 Post-WWI Movies for the conference Winners and losers all crushed
under debt and suffering, war discredited
213 12 1 1921 Politics New set of teeth 2 scenes: Prohibition violators
and dog, who is fierce because of Landis
214     1922 Economics We hope he wins the hole Harding golfs as rail execs and
labor squabble
215     1922 Mixed none Why Beveridge won; Chinese
battle scene; Soviets don’t recognize Kerensky
216     1922 World And so they may go to war about
Kamel, John Bull both declare
they’re for freedom of the straits
217 8 19 1922 Politics Next on the program… Juggling act Backstage, GOP and Democratic
tariff orators prepare to debate/wrestle
218 9 12 1922 World The Turkish Victory 2 panels: France, England ride
in sedan chairs, are shaken up
219 9 24 1922 Nature Jack Frost Elf sits on leaf, paints other
220 10 16 1922 Post-WWI If… referendum on war debt
New York and Chicago vote yes,
map of country bulges with people shouting no
221     1923 Politics none Democratic Convention to be held
in New York; Ford drives west and south ladies
222 1 20 1923 Society Have you… had this happen to you? 3 panels: At busy city
intersection, car turns right into pedestrians
223 8 8 1923 Politics The changing world Harding lays wreath on casket of
unknown soldier; he lies in state
224 9 20 1923 Mixed none 3 panels: constitution, arms
limitation, Germany on trial
225     1924 Politics none Dawes/Lafollette fight; hot
campaign/cool weather; Davis/Bryan clash
226     1924 Politics They’re off! Davis, Coolidge, Lafollette ride
animals in “Grand Eighty-Day Race”
227     1924 Politics none Dawes gives acceptance speech as
if selling bottles of remedy
228   8 1924 Politics All aboard for the grand
Lafollette drives bandwagon
pulled by bobcat, calls farmers to join it
229     1924 Politics That So. Dakota breeze and
Coolidge’s hat
Coolidge’s hat is blown into
ring by South Dakota press, primary result
230     1924 Politics none Crowd cheers, “Ford for
President” but Ford drives off cheering for Coolidge
231     1925 Politics A new sign at the White House Coolidge changes administration
from Harding’s to his own
232     1925 Politics none “Battleship” in
outrage as Admiral Sims courts “The Air Plane”
233 8 10 1925 Society on back: Mysteries of Golf 6 scenes of golfers swinging,
observer comments in Chinese
234 10 28 1925 Post-WWI When the League has to justify
League tries to discipline
fighting Bulgaria and Greece
235 12 5 1925 World Goshki! … Must be terrible… in
In Moscow, Russians drink and
smoke, read Izvestia
236     1926 Society Maybe that’s why he’s getting
“Death” looks at
ledger book, tells “poison moonshine” to get busy
237     1926 Economics Labor Day Man watching Labor Day parade
says American labor is envy of world
238     1926 Post-WWI How many friends… world court? Uncle Sam looks unhappily at
world court, composed of non-Americans
239     1926 World Filipino Independence Filipino wants independence but
won’t give it to the Moros
240     1926 Politics Page Dr. Dawes or Dr. Sowden Sick farmer, attended by Dr.
Coolidge, wants a western doctor
241     1927 Politics none William Randolph Hearst is
chased by lion, visits royalty, is hypnotized
242     1927 Politics Chairman Butler reports to his
In oval office, Coolidge hears
election sentiment report
243     1927 World They’re teaching him to be hard
Uncle Sam, British negotiate
naval limitations in Geneva
244     1927 Mixed Cartoons of the day Comet is sighted; New York to
Paris flight delayed; Poincare fans war hate
245     1927 Mixed Cartoons of the day Supreme Court/Tea Pot Dome; U.S.
tourists in the U.K.; “War” likes war talk
246     1927 Politics Design for a summer White House… Coolidge shakes hands with
farmers from White House-like train
247     1927 Society none 3 panels: beauty pageant;
entertainment; college
248 1 23 1927   A languishing profession… War propagandists observe how
people no longer trust propaganda
249 8 4 1927 Politics The President chooses Coolidge decides to use the word
“choose” when declining to run in 1928
250 9 10 1927 Society Cartoons of the day 3 panels: Soldier’s field;
porter refuses tips; “Dis and dat boys”
251 12 22 1927 Mixed Cartoons of the day Will Rogers; Lindbergh
popularity; Sen. Reed tells Missouri he won’t run
252     1928 Politics The nation will be all ears
Nation of donkeys and elephants
listens to Hoover’s acceptance speech
253     1928 Politics none Hoover’s hat is in ring, others
run toward it
254     1928 Politics Cornerstones of the full
Tariff, restrictive immigration,
farm relief, defense hold up dinnerpail
255     1928 Society And yet he wondered… not feeling
6 panels: Man complains to
doctor after reading news of death, tragedy
256     1928 Politics U.S. Supreme Court reversed… Lower court finds no fraud in
Teapot Dome oil deal, Supreme Court aghast
257     1928 Politics Both equally to
blame… religion… politics
Uncle Sam says men for/against
Smith because Catholic both intolerant
258 6 11 1928 Mixed Cartoons of the day U.S. and Australia; convention
on radio; woman pleads in court
259 6 12 1928 Politics Keynoter… convention looked… like
Large scene of a full convention
260 6 11 1928 Politics The probable starter as seen
Men and an elephant watch horses
prepare for race
261 6 12 1928 Politics The mysterious stranger
greets… old friend
Missouri greets G.O.P. with open
arms; solid Democratic South horrifed
262 6 11 1928 Politics Marathon race between two
Men watch 2 sphinxes — one is
Coolidge, one is Mellon
263 6 12 1928 Politics none 2 scenes at convention: Mellon,
Vare, Curtis mentioned
264 6 14 1928 Economics According to the autopsy… meant
“Farm Relief forces”
crowd around grave of “Equalization Fee”
265 6 12 1928 Politics So it’s Hoover G.O.P. elephant gets word from
PA delegation that it’s Hoover
266 8 3 1928 Politics Confidence Hoover leads elephant across
“Bridge to the Presidency”
267     1929 Pre-WWII none Uncle Sam asks if people oppose
war; will defend themselves; will prepare
268 7 8 1929 Post-WWI Supposing American tourists in
American says he’ll pay Parisian
waiter after others pay him, is kicked out
269 9 1 1929 Society The changing world Changing styles of heroes’
statues: portraits, beach wear
270 9 10 1929 World The inquiring reporter Reporter asks various people who
is aggressor in China/Russia row


ID M D Y Subject Caption Description
271     1930 World none Battleships of Japan, U.S., U.K.
head for rocks of bankruptcy revolt
272     1930 Pre-WWII Make him show his cards Germany, playing poker with
Allies, offers to divide the pot, then quit
273     1930 World China’s place in the sun China caught in spiderweb of
274     1930 Mixed Guiding hands Radio guides plane; British
officer beats Indian; Hoover calls extra session
275 2 9 1930 Society The rich farm and the spreading
Uncle Sam complacent as
“dishonesty” grows in “U.S.” fields
276 6 23 1930 World Cartoons of the day Mexico cheers Col. Fierro ; King
Carol of Romania arms; Stimson and Navy treaty
277 7 6 1930 Economics The changing world Before 1929, people bought all
stocks, now no one will buy even good deals
278 12 3 1930 Economics Sure he can! Hoover asks Uncle Sam if he can
lick unemployment hardships
279     1931 Economics Politicians
idea… unemployment… taxation
Politician suggests to Uncle Sam
that unemployed collect new taxes
280 1 31 1931 Nature none Crowd blocks shadow of
groundhog; men pull down shades in sausage mill
281 4 26 1931 Politics This will be a race worth
Race between stork carrying 1932
campaign and “Dr. Hoover”
282 6 9 1931 Pre-WWII The interrupted merger Wedding of Austria and Germany
stopped by France
283 7 12 1931 Society Why not… sprouting… marriage & divorce Crowds watch marriage/divorce
scoreboard with great interest
284 8 15 1931 Society Another state they will avoid Criminals flee from Michigan’s
“quick and summary justice”
285 9 6 1931 Economics We hope his judgment is as poor
Man weeps, “Prosperity
won’t return”; has said it was here to stay before
286     1932 Society The changing world 3 scenes of old-fashioned values
and fashions now being replaced
287     1934 Politics Uncle Sam… recovery
diet… digestion
Uncle Sam bloated by huge output
of legislation by 73rd Congress
288 11 20 1934 Mixed Cartoons of the day Cardinal Mundalein; Economic
recovery; DuPont supports munitions control
289 5 8 1934 Pre-WWII Dancing to the spring song Nations dance around
“war” organ grinder, League is helpless
290     1935 Society Death’s new favorite “Speed Mania” totals
up more deaths than wars
291     1935 Mixed The changing world Robot replaces aviator; donkey
and elephant; British Cubs warn against war
292     1935 Pre-WWII Putting a premium on aggression… Italy, France, Britain pledge to
help Ethiopia, then carve it up
293     1936 Economics Light and dark… mottoes… business
Two walls with old- and
new-style business mottoes
294     1937 Economics The deadlock… stand patterns… sit
General Motors and strikers
refuse to come to conference table
295     1937 Pre-WWII Sunken ships… historic
Group, including FDR, examine
sinking of U.S. gunboat Panay
296 2 28 1937 Post-WWI Would… be as short-sighted
in… next war?
Greedy businessmen profited from
WWI, costs to nation not worth it
297 4 29 1937 Society Ambassador Gerard’s rash promise 5 panels: Man wears the dress of
his hosts in various world locations
298 4 3 1938 Pre-WWII All treaties are not sanctified Huge “Versailles
Treaty” monster leaves footprints of hate, greed, etc.
299 6 30 1938 Society War hatreds are… as religious
Rude carpetbagger after Civil
War; elderly veterans fraternize
300     1939 Pre-WWII In time we may get used to these
Uncle Sam reads about Ethiopia,
Spain, etc., vows non-involvement
301 5 29 1939 Pre-WWII If the… haves… have
nots… conference
Hitler asks how much land
Britain has given to promote peace
302 6 29 1939 Pre-WWII A three-sided fight in
Isolationist Congress and
pro-League of Nations White House argue
303 6 8 1939 Politics none Crooks protest against Dewey,
“N.Y.’s Racket Busting D.A.”
304 9 3 1939 Politics none 12 portraits of Dewey with
different hair and moustache styles


ID M D Y Subject Caption Description
305 1 16 1940 Politics Trying… prove… all things… him who
9 men wait outside FDR’s door
306 7 11 1940 Politics G.O.P. conspires to sabotage
3 panels: Elephant suggests
British resource-sharing plan to Democrats
307 8 4 1940 WWII The anti-war
Americans… majority… heard
Uncle Sam and majority oppose
war, peace rally is held at Soldier Field
308 9 22 1940 Pre-WWII Human reasons versus human
League of Nations futile; arms
help prosperity; ghost of Edmund Burke
309 1 26 1941 Politics none Uncle Sam proud of freedoms,
suggests national referendums
310 2 20 1941 WWII Mother’s Day in the White House FDR pledges not to send draftees
overseas; Congress doesn’t pass it
311 3 2 1941 WWII Every one… own national interests
View of Earth from space, all
countries say “Me First”
312 8 31 1941 Pre-WWII The changing world 3 scenes of U.S. military and
problems caused by foreign states
313 2 20 1942 WWII What beautiful winter weather… FDR announces shake-up of
Churchill’s cabinet to U.S. cabinet
314 6 17 1942 WWII Victories and defeat 2 panels: U.S. wins battles in
Pacific, loses them in Atlantic
315 6 21 1942 WWII Storm clouds on the Axis front Mussolini, Hitler, Hirohito see
powerful U.S. fists
316 7 12 1942 Nature The enquiring reporter Reporter hears from various
people how cool the weather is
317 9 11 1942 Politics Those purge
tactics… awful… kickback
Man reads primary results: purge
politics not patriotic
318 10 16 1942 WWII Our east front… west front Government strategists look out
windows to Stalingrad and Guadalcanal
319 10 28 1942 Mixed Cartoons of the day 3 panels: taxpayer complains;
Senate votes on draftees; war action
320 7 4 1943 Politics Mr. One World Wilkie interrupts Willkie interrupts Fourth of
July ceremony to introduce “Superstate”
321 12 12 1943 WWII The ideal ally After WWI, U.S. got 1 island,
now Japan holds most strategic islands
322 1 9 1944 Politics These
signs… President… embarrassment
Painter shows Mr. Early signs
nixing 4th term questions in oval office
323 6 11 1944 WWII The bonds of matrimony… war bonds People rush to get married, are
unsure whether to invest in war bonds
324 8 27 1944 WWII Is peace really as popular as
Coffin of “War” is
carried by Big Four in graveyard of hope