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Collections of Printed Leaves and Ephemera

Uncatalogued Box 1

23 items from the former Antiquarian Library of Mark A. Slotkin and the Biblical Library of Stanley S. Slotkin. (Included with each leaf are the mounts that came with the collection and which contain facsimiles of the original title pages and some pertinent information).  For more leaves from the Slotkin collections, see the MERLIN library catalog.

From the Antiquarian Library of Mark A. Slotkin:

1. Old Testament leaf in Hebrew, Greek, Chaldaicae with Latin, ca. 1750.

2. Reverend Doctor Scoti, Philosophia Scholae Scotisticae (printed by Matthiae Wolff, 1735), p. 11-12.

3. Table of Public and Private Statues from the Reign of King George II to 1734, p. 55-56.

4. Ludovici M. Sinistrari, Practica Criminalis Illustrata (Rome, 1693), p. 85-86.

5. Justus Lipsius, Opera Omnia, "De Militia Romana Lib. I" (1637), p. 13-14.

6. R. P. F. Natali Alexandro, Theologica Dogmatica et Moralis (Paris, 1703), p. 101-2.

7. Latin Bible, Genesis ch. 31 (Antwerp, 1534).

8. Edward Earl of Clarendon, History of the Rebellion and Civil War in England (Oxford, 1707), p. 11-12.

9. Johannis Buxtorfi, Tiberius, sive Commentarius Masorethicus Triplex (Basel, 1665), p. 41-42.

10. Massorah Rabbinical Bible, 1610.

11. C. Plini, Secundi Naturalis Historiae Mundi, "Liber Primus," preface (1563).

12. Antiphonale Cisterciense, "In Epiphania Domini," (Paris, 1690), p. 123-24.

13. Antiphonarium Sagiense, "In Festo SS. Gervasii and Protasii Mart," (Paris, 1635), p. 31-32.

From the Biblical/Medical Library of Stanley S. Slotkin:

14. Theatricum Botanicum: Theatre of Plants, "Of Mustard," ch. 9 (London, 1597), p. 189-90.

15. Catholic Missal ? (London, 1523), CXLIV. In red and black ink.

16. Biblia Sacra, Numbers ch. 34-36 (London, 1593), p. 137-38.

17. Matthaeo Polo, Synopsis Criticorum Aliorum, "Commentatorum in Acta Apost. cap. 8-9", cols. 1385-88.

18. Galen, Ascripti Libri qui Variam Artis Medicae, "De Hippoc. et Plat." (Basel, 1515), p. 267-68.

19. Fredrick Hoffman (1660-1743), Medicinae Rationalis Systematicae, "De Athletis" (Geneva, 1738), p. 369-70.

20. Alessandro Pascoli, Il Corpo-umano o Breve Storia, Tab. XXXIII (Various positions of baby in womb and gynecological instruments), (Perugino, 1712).

21. Simonis Ulrici, Opera Omnia, "Disputato Secunda de Merito Justi," (Leipzig and Frankfurt, 1678), p. 169-70.

22. Pope Benedict XIV, Opera Omnia, "Disstertatio de Capacitate canon, Regularium ad Beneficia," (1767), p. 37-38.

23. Joanne Baptista Gonet, Clypeus Theologiae Thomasticae, "Jacobi Cuiacii," (Antwerp, 1794), cols. 1249-52.