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Collections of Printed Leaves and Ephemera

Box 2, Early Printed Book Leaves

Sebastian Münster, Beschreibung aller Länder (Basel, 1598)
– woodcut illustrations described by subject in parentheses, 35 items

a. "Von Schottlandt: Das Ander Buch" (ducks born from trees), p. 55-56.

Third Book: "Von dem Leutschen Lande: Das Dritte Buch"
b. (boar, goats), p. 509-10.
c. (goat, hedgehog, 4 birds), p. 511-12.
d. (list of saints and counts, rats), p. 605-06.
e. "Sebastian Munster" in subtitle, p. 641-42 (slug or eel?).
f. (moose, bees), p. 647-48.
g. (siege, prayers, demons), p. 651-52
h. (family tree, deer/boar in forest, pine tree), p. 851-52 (misnumbered?).

Fourth Book: "Van den Ditnächtigen Landern: Das Vierdte Buch"
i. "Nordwegien cap. 21" (sea monster with man in teeth), p. 693-94.
j. "Schweden cap. 25" (stag and doe), 697-98.
k. "Grunlande cap. 37" (two-page spread with sea monsters and ships, pp. 708-709), key to letters on pp. 707 and 710.
l. "Von dem Ungerlandt: Das Vierdte Buch" (cranes, prayer), p. 713-14.
m. "Von dem Polandt: Das Vierdte Buch" (three men, monster attacking flock), p. 731-32.
n. "Von der Littaw: Das Vierdte Buch" (apiary), p. 751-52.
o. "Von den Doscowntern: Das Vierdte Buch" (bees, bear, forest scene), p. 755-56. *polychrome wash

Fifth Book: "Von den Landern Asie: Das Fünffte Buch"
p. "Albania" (wheat harvest, stag), p. 827-28.
q. "Antiochia" (snail), p. 843-44.
r. "Arabia" (phoenix), p. 849-50.
s. "Mecha" (unicorn), p. 851-52.
t. (hyrcania), p. 857-58.
u. (parthia), p. 859-60.
v. (elephants), p. 877-78.
w. (dragon, serpents, scorpions), p. 879-80.
x. (sea-horse, 2-3-headed serpents), p. 883-84.
y. ("Other peoples," birds), p. 889-90. *polychrome wash
z. (elephant, rhinoceros), p. 893-94.
aa. "Califuth" (4 birds), 897-98.
bb. (beaver, demon), p. 903-04.

Sixth Book: "Von den Landen Africe: Das Sechste Buch"
cc. (ground animals, lion) p. 919-920. *polychrome wash
dd. (bust, basilisk), p. 925-26.
ee. (fountains, wells, crocodile), p. 941-42.
ff. (stork, black man, elephant), p. 949-50. *polychrome wash
gg. "Libya cap. 27" (griffin, ostrich with key), p. 951-52.

hh. Map of "Eyfalia," (whale with sailor in mouth)
ii. (Griffin, horse) *polychrome wash

Note: Ellis Library has an original 1550 copy of Sebastian Münster's Cosmographica (Latin version of Beschreibung aller Länder): Rare Folio G 113 .M7 1550. For an extant 1598 edition of Beschreibung aller Länder, only the Niedersachsische Staats-und University is shown on the WorldCat database.