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Sexual Orientation Employment Discrimination: Online Services

Online Services Overview

When researching cases, statutes, and regulations, Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg offer comparable services.  You as a practitioner, however, want the best database for practice.  

Westlaw and Bloomberg both offer practical guides for attorneys.  Westlaw offers Practical Law. Bloomberg offers Practice Center. Both Practical Law and Practice are solid resources for attorneys researching sexual orientation employment discrimination. However, Westlaw: Practical Law is easier to navigate, search, and use, and provides extra resources such as flowcharts, checklists, jurisdictional guides, a wide range of sample documents and clauses, and much more.


Westlaw provides a service called Practical Law, which is designed to help attorneys research faster and with more confidence.  Practical Law is a great resource, because not only does it provide primary sources, but it complements primary sources with legal updates and alerts, multi-jurisdictional guides, checklists and flowcharts, and much more.  Below I have provided more detail on some of the services Practical Law offers.

1.  Practical Law is useful for practitioners, because it organizes information tailored for attorneys.  For example, below is Practical Law's page on Sex Discrimination under Title VII.  The Table of Contents on the left makes it easy to click on a specific issue, and the way it is organized is easy to follow for attorneys (e.g. coverage, definition, theories).  Therefore, attorneys can more quickly and easily  find what they need.

2.  Practical Law provides legal updates and alerts on sexual orientation employment discrimination issues, explaining what you need to know as attorney.  Below are examples of recent articles published by Practical Law.  The legal updates are similar to updates you find on law firm blogs; however, an advantage of Practical Law is it alerts you by e-mail, so you never miss an important legal update.

[[Practical Law Legal Update: Sexual Orientation is Sex Discrimination Under Title VII: EEOC]]

[[Practical Law Legal Update: OFCCP Issues Final Rule Prohibiting Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination Against Federal Contractors]]

3. Practical Law provides multi-jurisdictional guides, allowing attorney to compare sexual orientation employment discrimination law across jurisdictions.  This resource is especially useful, as sexual orientation employment discrimination laws vary.

3. Practical Law provides sample documents and clauses.  For example, below is a sample anti-harassment policy and sample gender transition in the workplace policy.  In-house counsel and management-side employment lawyers can benefit from this feature.



4. Practical Law provides to-do lists and flow charts that are easy to refer to.  To-lists and charts make it easy for attorneys to quickly refresh their recollection on the law, and may even be helpful to clients.





Bloomberg provides a similar service to Westlaw's Practical Law called Practice Center, which allows users to access resources grouped by areas in the law.  In addition to primary law, Bloomberg offers books and treatises, manuals and portfolios, transaction resources and sample policies, legal updates and news, and much more.

1. Like Practical Law, Bloomberg offers guidance on specific areas of the law.  However, Practice Center is much more difficult to navigate.  On Bloomberg, if you want to click on specific topic, you have to leave the page.  On Practical Law, you can look to the left of the screen and scroll through the table of contents without leaving the page you are one.

2. Like Practical Law, Bloomberg offers legal updates and e-mails.  Based on this feature alone, Bloomberg and Westlaw are comparable.

[[BNA's Employment Discrimination Report]]

[[Latest Cases]]

3.  Bloomberg does not provide multi-jurisdictional guides like Westlaw.  However, Bloomberg does offer state-specific resources at While attorneys can compare sexual orientation employment discrimination law across jurisdictions on Bloomberg, it is quicker and easier on Practical Law, because Practical Law provides a easy to read chart listing each state's law and directs you to the statute once you click on it.  On Bloomberg, you would have to click each individual state and read through the text to know whether the state prohibits sexual orientation employment discrimination.

4. Bloomberg offers some sample documents and clauses as well (shown below), but unlike Practical Law that provides hundreds of sample documents and clauses, Bloomberg only provides sample documents on the following topics:






4. Bloomberg's Practice Center does have some checklists similar to those offered on Practical Law.  But, Bloomberg does not offer any flowcharts like Westlaw.