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Sexual Orientation Employment Discrimination: Empirical Data

Empirical Data on Sexual Orientation Employment Discrimination

To maintain current awareness on empirical data regarding sexual orientation employment discrimination, the Williams Institute is a great resource.  

The Williams Institute conducts independent research on sexual orientation and gender identity law and public policy.  A think tank at UCLA law, the Williams Institute produces high-quality research.  In addition, information provided the Williams Institute is free!  The scope of their research varies from detailed-state data to general-national data on sexual orientation employment discrimination.  The format also varies.  Provided below are a few examples below, such as an interactive guide of LGBT data, state-specific reports, and miscellaneous reports regarding sexual orientation employment discrimination.  

Just the Facts: LGBT Data Overview 2015 by Williams Institute

The William Institute provides an interactive guide on LGBT Data.  This guide is great for visual learners, as it provides many visual aids, such as maps, charts, pie charts, graphs, etc.  

State by State Reports by the Williams Institute

The Williams Institute provides state-specific research for all 50 states regarding sexual orientation employment discrimination.  Below are a few state reports provided by the Williams Institute.  

To find more information on a specific state, click the the State Resource Map link, which will direct you to a map of the United States.  Click on the state you want to learn more about.