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Digital Media and Innovation Lab

Upcoming Events

Adobe Audition Workshop Nov 19, 2019

 Adobe Audition Workshop:

Join us on Wednesday, November 19th outside the Digital Media Lab for a workshop training session for Adobe Audition!

Have you ever wanted to make a podcast? Make your own music? Record an interview? Adobe Audition is a powerful audio editing tool that allows you to record, edit and mix sound files in a myriad of ways.

Follow the link below for all of the resources needed for the workshop:

Tabling event Nov 13, 2019

Tabling Event: 

Our next tabling event is Tuesday, November 12th from 12-3 pm in Ellis Library in front of the reference desk. Stop by our booth anytime and participate in any of the following events for a chance to win a Bluetooth speaker/wireless charger, collapsible water bottle, highlighter set and more!

1. Teleprompter Setup — Complete our library-themed MadLib and try not to crack up for a chance to win prizes!

2. Podcast Setup — Check out the Digital Media and Innovation Lab's recording setup! Sit down with a library science student and answer a few questions about how we could better your library experience.

3. 3D scanning — Come see how our table-top scanner works. You can also choose to get a 3D version of yourself scanned. - We'll email the file to you.

4. Virtual Reality headsets — Take a break from classes and experience a fun, interactive experience with virtual reality! Go to our curated YouTube playlist to hang out with Pandas, ride roller coasters, or go skydiving!