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Researching Missouri women.

Biographical Encyclopedias & Indexes

For similar works, search the MERLIN catalog by the following subject headings:
Missouri women--biography
Women--United States--biography

Online Archives, Newspapers, Periodicals, & Book Collections

Personal Records

For similar indexes to obituaries, search the MERLIN catalog by this subject heading:
Note that these are sub-categorized by county.

Property records are usually kept at the county recorder of deeds office. Some information may be gleaned from census records or city directories.

Not everything is online...

While there is a lot online, there is still quite a lot that is not!

Many newspapers exist only on microfilm and are not well indexed. You may need to identify a newspaper by the place it was published and then browse relevant dates to see if there is any useful information.

The State Historical Society has the best collection of Missouri Newspapers and the relevant indexes.

To find local and county information, do a subject search in the MERLIN catalog (and other resources) by place or county name.

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