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Product Liability Litigation: Research Problem #2

Research Problem


Sarah has called the firm after seeing a television commercial instructing her to call a law firm if she has taken a particular drug and experienced adverse results. Your firm has agreed to represent her in pursuing her claim, and your supervising partner has asked you to research expert witnesses that have been used in cases involving this drug and how successful these experts have been. 


On the Westlaw homepage, you see the tab "Expert Materials." After clicking this tab, you are able to find, among other things, expert resumes, directories, depositions, reports, and trial transcripts. You click on these options, narrowing the search by the pharmaceutical drug which Sarah was allegedly injured by, and quickly find numerous examples of the experts that have testified on this product. 

Following this search, it may be useful for you to search for the names of the experts you have located in order to find any potential opinions, orders, briefs, etc., that the experts have been mentioned in. This will help to locate any potential objections to their testimony and how receptive both judges and juries have appeared to be in the past.