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What Is Mizzou Made?

With more than 300,000 alumni and as the number three employer in the state, the University of Missouri has enriched the lives of many students, alumni, donors, faculty, staff and their families. Their stories are inspirational and carry examples of perseverance, hard work and integrity, which exemplify our core values of Respect, Responsibility, Discovery and Excellence. We all have had different paths, but we are all #MizzouMade.

How Does the Library Fit into This Campaign?

Mizzou Made stories focus on how Mizzou helped the student, faculty, and/or alumni achieve their chosen path. For library stories, we try to explain how the libraries have helped them on their Mizzou journey. They are Cycle of Success stories, but with a Mizzou slant and show how the libraries are an integral piece of the Mizzou journey.

Where do you begin? Take a look at all the Mizzou Made stories from all over campus. Get a sense of the types of stories they are looking for.

There are some common themes that these stories have:

  • Always a Tiger
  • Coming home
  • Mizzou providing opportunities
  • Finding yourself at Mizzou
  • Giving back to the community
  • Big dreams

There are a lot of ways to make library stories fit in with Mizzou Made. Below you will find the three stories that have been featured on the Mizzou Made website:


Click here for all Library Mizzou Made Stories.

Templates for Employees to Contact Users

These email templates are by no means mandatory to use. They are simply here for your convenience. Modify them. Create your own. Each situation is unique. You may want to tailor a linked Mizzou Made story based on the individual.