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Using the Newshub

Types of Cycle of Success Stories

Cycle of Success stories communicate to stakeholders the range and value of the Libraries' contributions to the university, the state, and beyond. Your story may be one of three types of Cycle of Success stories, depending on the information and feedback you receive.

  1. Featured Cycle of Success
  2. Guest Post
  3. Snapshot

Instructions for Cycle of Success Stories

How to Get Ideas for Cycle of Success Stories

  1. Taira will email you entries from the Cycle of Success form that relate to your department.
  2. Staff in your department may approach you with kudos they've received for you to follow up on.
  3. Solicit stories from people in your department.

How to Write the Stories

  1. Gather information for the story.
    • Follow up with (or reach out to) the user to if you have some information from the form or from a staff member. Here are some possible questions for the user to answer that will help you write the story:
      • Information about the user, such as research and interests.
      • How the library/library staff helped with their work.
      • Advice they would give for those interested in using the library.
  2. Based on the information you've gathered or been unable to gather, decide which of the three types of story it is. If you need help deciding, ask Taira Meadowcroft
  3. Collect photos of the user and the library staff member.
    • If you ask for a student’s picture, you must have them sign a photo release form. Faculty and staff don't have to sign a form, but do ask for permission to use their photo. Send completed photo release forms to Shannon Cary.
  4. Start writing! The body of the post should include some information about the user, how the library staff member helped them, and any thoughtful quotations.
    • Write a creative title that showcases how the library aided the user.
    • Ask the library staff member for their observations, insights, etc., or you may need them to help you fill in the backstory.
    • Include the photo of the library staff member inside the post. You may want to reposition the photo after previewing the post. Wrap text around the photo instead of centering it. Include a caption with the staff member's name.
  5. Create a featured image for the post.
  6. At the bottom of the post, you should include:
    • Cycle of Success is the idea that libraries, faculty, and students are linked; for one to truly succeed, we must all succeed. The path to success is formed by the connections between University of Missouri Libraries and faculty members, between faculty members and students, and between students and the libraries that serve them. More than just success, this is also a connection of mutual respect, support, and commitment to forward-thinking research. 
    • If you would like to submit your own success story about how the libraries have helped your research and/or work, please use the Cycle of Success form.
  7. If your story does not focus on a MU faculty member or student but part of the larger community, add the appropriate version of this paragraph between the two above:
    • Inside Missouri: Although the Cycle of Success typically focuses on the relationships among the Libraries, faculty, and students, the Libraries also contribute to the success of all the communities Mizzou serves. The Libraries are an integral part of Mizzou's mission "to provide all Missourians the benefits of a world-class research university."
    • Outside Missouri: Although the Cycle of Success typically focuses on the relationships among the Libraries, faculty, and students, the Libraries also contribute to the success of all the communities Mizzou serves. The Libraries are an integral part of Mizzou’s mission “to produce and disseminate knowledge that will improve the quality of life in the state, the nation and the world.”
  8. In terms of categories, be sure to mark your library and Cycle of Success, obviously. Taira and/or Shannon will take care of including the post on the gateway. Add the "cycle of success" tag as well as any others you feel are appropriate.
  9. When your post is ready to go, submit for Review. 


Examples of Cycle of Success Stories

Need Help?

If you need assistance with the story and graphics, contact Taira Meadowcroft

The Featured Image

  • The templates for the Newshub featured image graphics can be found on Canva inside the Cycle of Success folder: TEMPLATE Cycle of Success Newshub Graphic and TEMPLATE SNAPSHOT Cycle of Success Newshub Graphic.
    • Make sure to COPY the template. Templates can be found here: 
    • Create your graphic by uploading the user's photo, pulling it into the graphic, and inserting their name into the banner. (Modify to resource or service if it's a Snapshot story.)



If you need the access to the libraries' Canva account, let Taira know.

Templates for Reporters to Contact Users

These email templates are by no means mandatory to use. They are simply here for your convenience. Modify them. Create your own. Each situation is unique. You may want to tailor the linked Cycle of Success story based on topic.

Email templates for members of your department to use to contact users directly can be found on the Library Staff page.