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Using the Newshub

Reporter Overview

Newshub reporters serve as a liaison between their department and the marketing team. This means your department should go to you first with their ideas for posts and new series, promotion of events, and communication needs. The marketing team is available to help you.

Where do ideas for stories come from? Don't worry, you are not responsible for coming up with every idea by yourself. Most of our posts fall into these basic types:

  • updates from your department
  • events, exhibits, workshops, etc. that need publicity
  • ongoing series, such as Open Access Blog and Resources Spotlight, Tip Tuesday
  • Cycle of Success
  • library resources or services to be highlighted

As a reporter, you should have a familiarity and knowledge of the following:

Who Are the Newshub Reporters?

  • Journalism: Charlotte Landreth
  • Engineering: Mara Inge
  • Health Sciences: Taira Meadowcroft
  • Special Collections: Kelli Hansen
  • Technical Services: Ashley Granger
  • UMLD: Kevin McFillen
  • Vet Med: Kate Anderson

Who Is the Marketing Team?