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Apps for Academics: The Best of the Best Applications for Researchers and Writers

Part of Series: Fridays @ the Library

Recorded: November 14th, 2014 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.

Duration:  55m 9s

Jonathan Cisco, Campus Writing Program Coordinator

In this workshop, Jonathan Cisco will present new software (both PC and Mac platforms) that can help researchers write effectively and efficiently. Attendees will also be encouraged to discuss their own “tools of the trade” as they relate to their own writing processes.

Workshop Recording

NOTE: Please refer to Video Timeline & Summary below if you need to watch a specific segment of this video.

Timeline & Summary of Workshop Recording

0 - 3m 30s: Introduction: Why Are Academics Applications Important?

3m 31s - 12m 00s: Reading and Researching Applications

12m 1s - 19m 25s: Setting up Database and Citation Alerts

  • Database alearts on EBSCO Host
  • Newly published articles from your subscribed Google Scholar

19m 26s - 29m 50s: Citation Managers

  • Zotero

    • Free downloads available for Mac OS/ Windows/ Linux/ Firefox (Extension)

  • BookEnds

    • Single-license/ Group license purchase available for Mac OS X 10.7+

29m 51s - 35m 45s: Brainstorming Applications

  • OmniOutliner

    • Individual/Family license available for Mac OS X

  • Scapple

    • Purchase available for Mac OS X/ Windows

35m 46s - 43m 2s: Writing Helper Applications

  • TypeIt4Me

    • Purchase available for Mac OS

  • Markdown Syntax

    • Many apps free available

43m 20s - 47m 10s: Writing Aesthetics

  • iAWriter

    • Purchase available for Mac OS/ iOS (iPad)

  • OmmWriter

    • Purchase available for Mac OS/ iOS (iPad)/ Windows

  • HanxWriter

    • Free available for iOS (iPad) in Apple Store

47m 11s - 55m 9s:  Best of Best?

  • Scrivener

    • Purchase available for Mac OS/ Windows 8

 You will need your MU creditials to access institutional resources.