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Veterinary Specialty Boards Reading Lists

American College of Veterinary Radiology

Candidates are responsible for ensuring they use any exam preparation materials provided by ACVR.

Source:  American College of Veterinary Radiology

"This resource ist is a guide to help candidates prepare for the examination.  This list is based on the most commonly referenced sources for the examination but is not an exhaustive list.  Candidates are encouraged to review other common equine veterinary journals for articles related to diagnostic imaging.  The majority of the relevant journal articles will be found in the last 15-20 years, however, there may be fundamental concepts in imaging that were published prior to this time frame that are still relevant." --ACVR EDI Literature list, see below.

This resource updated:03/30/2020

Source reading list reviewed: 2019

Source reading list updated by specialty board: 2019



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