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What graduate students should know about the library

Scanners in the Library

In addition to flatbed scanners, Ellis Library has two KIC Scanners which are fast and easy to use. The scanners are located just east of the Reference Desk. 

  • There is no attached printer.
  • Scanned materials 18MB or smaller can be emailed.  Files can also be downloaded to a thumb drive. Thumb drives are available for purchase in the vending machine near the north entrance of Ellis.
  • Scans can be made in black and white, grey scale and in color.
  • Book pages can be scanned flat or in a V-mode which will put less strain on the spine.
  • Documents can be saved in several formats such as jpg, png, and pdf.
  • Optical Character Recognition can be performed, which can result in a searchable pdf or even an audio file of the text (install Microsoft Anna text to speech).