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Journalism: How to Use the Flatbed Scanner: Home

The Epson Scanner

How to Use the Flatbed Scanner

Using the Scanner
The scanner is attached to the computer around the side of the circulation desk and can be used by anyone. 


1) Open the EPSON Scan program Epson Scan Icon from computer and make sure the mode is set to Professional Mode

Epson Scan Professional mode

2) Document Source should be set to Document Table to scan on the glass, or ADF to use the document feeder.

Document type screen shot ADF single sided and double sided

Use the 24-bit Color and for documents usually 96 dpi or 150 is good quality 

Destination image type 24 bit color and dpi
3) If you are scanning directly on the glass and the document doesn't take up the whole area, do a Preview scan and draw a marquee around the area you want to scan.
Epson scan screen shot of resolution setting
4) Use the File Settings button to change filename and file type. If scanning more than one page to a single document, make sure "Pop up Add Page Dialog" is checked. Change to pdf for documents or jpeg for photos or graphics.
5) Scan away!