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Homelessness: Litigation and Policy: Legislative Policy: Cost and Alternatives

Cost: Policy Articles

Much of the recent scholarship in homelessness has focused on the ineffeciency of criminal measures. Cost is an essential factor in any piece of legislation and the reports here detail the research about the costs of criminal homeless polcies. 

Spotlight! Utah

The Problem Is...

It is important to understand the background of advocacy concerning homelessness legislation. Factsheets, Reports, and Books for background reading make up a quick course in the problem facing America's legislators. Most legislation concerning the homeless takes place at the state level. While the information in this guide samples different states, more specific local research is advised for state specific policy. 

Books for Background Reading

Causes/Alternatives Policy Articles.

Although America's recent legal history has favored criminal measures designed to punish the homeless, legislative analysis should take stock of what causes homelessness and how policy can better target those causes. These resources confront the causes and summarize the search for alternatives. Utah's initiative to end homelessness earns a special focus.