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Reserve a Room through LibCal

NOTE: Please use the Events, Classes and Workshop Calendar for classes!

How to Reserve an Ellis Library Meeting Room

  1. Go to the staff website [] and click on Staff Calendar, under Communication (Internal)
  2. Select Book room in Ellis Library. You will be asked to login
  3. Select LibCal from blue box in upper left
  4. Click on the Calendars link in the gold navigation bar
  5. Select the appropriate calendar – MU Libraries Staff Calendar
  6. Click on the +Add New Event button
  7. Fill out all the required boxes:
    1. Date
    2. Start time | End time
    3. Meeting Title
  8. When you get to Event Details, you will select a location
    1. Select a meeting room from Ellis Library Meeting Rooms
    2. Click on Check Availability
      1. If the meeting room is available at the time you need, you will see a green box that says “Time slot available”
      2. If the meeting room is not available, you will see a red box that says “Time slot unavailable”, and you will need to choose another time or room.
  9. Select a category from the drop-down box
  10. Click on the Add Event Button to create your event and book your room.


To book 114A, you will need to go through Shannon Cary in 104 Ellis.


Delete or Modify a Booking

You can delete or modify a booking by clicking on the meeting on the calendar. The meeting will pop-up, and there will be “Delete Event” and “Modify Event” buttons at the bottom of the screen.

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