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LibQUAL+ LITE 2012: Home

LibQUAL+ 2012 Report

This 92-page report has the results of MU's survey done in 2012.

LibQUAL+ LITE 2012

In 2012 the MU Libraries surveyed faculty, students, and staff with LibQUAL+ LITE, a survey instrument from the Association of Research Libraries (ARL). 

LibQUAL+ LITE is a list of 22 core questions that attempt to measure perceptions of total service quality with an open-ended comment box to provide us with more information. The core questions are designed to measure three sub-dimensions of perceived library quality: Service Affect, Information Control, and Library as Place.

The survey questions minimum, desired, and perceived levels of services across the three dimensions:

  • Affect of Service
    • Courteous, caring, dependable service that inspires confidence in users
    • Knowledgeable, understanding, attentive user assistance
  • Information Control
    • Information access enabling & available
    • Collections appropriate/adequate for research
    • Modern equipment & easy to use tools
  • Library as Place
    • A quiet, comfortable and inviting space that inspires study and learning
    • A community space for group learning & group study
    • A getaway for study, learning or research

As the Library Assessment Advisory Committee (LAAC) produces reports, you will find them on this LibGuide.

LAAC members (as of 05/12/14):

  • Jeannette Pierce
  • Shannon Cary
  • Jacquelin Blonigen
  • Gwen Gray
  • Caryn Scoville