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Library Equipment Quick Start Guides: Camcorder

What you get at check out!

 Camera: Panasonic HDC-TM300 Video Camera



Battery Charger:  

USB Cable:


*LCD Monitor is a touch screen

Versatility and Uses

Record Video

Take Still Pictures

Edit Videos

*Compatible video editing software available upon request at Circulation Desk

Printable Version Now Available!

Getting Started

Charge battery completely before us

Default recording is the built in memory feature

Use your own SD card, by formatting it

Back-up recorded data to PC often to avoid accidental deletion

Turn camera on with power button, you need to select from modes:

Record Video:

Take Pictures:


Hold down the lock/release button, while turning to the mode you need


Taking Video

Change mode to:

Open the LCD monitor to extend the viewfinder

 Built in memory is the default

Press the record button, below

 Pictures shows where to locate this button.


Uploading Video to PC

Use camcorder to take video

Plug mini usb cable to camera and PC


Turn camera to play mode


The Camcorder's LCD monitor automatically asks:

What kind of device you want to upload to?  "PC"

A pop-up menu will appear on your desktop; select:

"Import pictures and video"; tag with your own preferences

Move files to your PC destination of choice

Video Playback

Change the mode to

Open LCD monitor

Select media by pushing: 


Select Built-In Memory, unless using your own SD Card

Arrow up or down, or view all

Hit the play button on the LCD monitor

Contact Us

University of Missouri Libraries

J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library

1 Hospital Drive

Columbia, MO 65212

Phone: (573) 882-4153


Taking Still Photos

Change the mode to:

Open the LCD monitor to extend the viewfinder


Press the camera button to take the picture.



Use LCD monitor to frame the photo

To take picture press  located on the top of the eyepiece


SD Card Formating

Select desired mode for media to be formatted:

On the LCD monitor select the “Menu” button



“Format Card”


This will erase all memory on the card



Charging the Battery

Insert the battery into the  AC cable battery slot–matching up grooves

Plug the AC cable into the transformer and a wall outlet

Charge should be completed in approximately 25 minutes