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Library Equipment Quick Start Guides: Projector

What you get at check out!




RGB Cable


Power Cord


Remote Control


User's Manual (booklet)



User’s Manual (CD)



Audio Cable


General Information

*This quick start guide only covers using the projector with a PC, other cables are required for use with a MAC. 

If you need assistance or have questions about set-up, please ask at the circulation desk!

Printable Version Available NOW!

Connecting the Projector to a Computer (PC)

1. Plug the RGB Cable into the “Comp 1” Input on the back of the projector. 

#2 in diagram above

On your PC find the compatible input, and plug the other end of the RGB cable in

3. Plug the audio cable into the headphone jack or auxiliary sound jack on your PC

4. Plug the corresponding end into the projector “Audio In” jack; #6 in diagram

5. Take the lens cap off the projector

6. Press power button on projector

7. Navigate to what you want to project on your PC

8. Adjust focus/zoom on projector for clarity


Powering off Projector


1. Locate remote

2. Locate power button


3. Press power button twice to turn the device off     



Comp 1 & Comp 2 source input requires RGB cable for use, must plug into corresponding Comp 1 or Comp 2 port on PC


  Other Source Options:

HDMI: HDMI cable not provided with this device; video, analog video out

S-Video, PS2 cable not provided with this device;  analog video out

Contact Us

University of Missouri Libraries

J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library

1 Hospital Drive

Columbia, MO 65212

Phone: (573) 882-4153


Uses for a Projector

  Uses for a Projector:

· Presentation


· Holiday decorating


· Viewing movies


· Viewing videos


· Movie night in backyard


· Role-playing games


· LAN party


· Really large monitor


· Use of any multimedia materials


· Church services


· Meetings notes or diagrams


Cables and Accessories

 Cables needed for other source options not owned by Health Sciences Library:



Dongle for MACs

 If needed must provide your own cable.

PC's Available...


*PC Laptops available for checkout  at the circulation desk for ease of set-up and use.