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About the Library

* The Geological Sciences library is located in room 201 of the Geological Sciences Building.

*Feel free to browse the stacks for books or use the library catalog to find a specific book.

Research Tips

Abstracts: When finding works to cite be sure to avoid using abstracts. Abstracts are merely summaries of the article and will not be accepted as a proper resource.

Peer-Reviewed Sources: For projects that require sources, be sure to use peer-reviewed or scholarly articles. These can be found my using the databases and selecting "peer-reviewed" from the field limiters. For more clarification follow the link below.

          *Scholarly Articles

Search Strategies: Don't know how to start researching? Use this guide to help develop your search strategy.

         *Search Strategy Guide

Though you can't cite from Wikipedia, you can still use it to your advantage; this video will show you how!


Finding Resources

Finding Articles

  • You can find articles by choosing a database from the box below and using keywords to find your topic.      
  • You can also use this link to use some of the multi-disciplinary databases.

               * Find articles

Finding Books

  • Use the MERLIN catalog to locate books.
  • If the book you want is not within the MU collection, try using MOBIUS to request it from a different library.


Subject Guide

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