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Journalism - Missourian Newspaper: Google Searching

Google Search Operators

Advanced Google Searching

How Google search works
Google Guide: making search even easier

Using Keywords
Don’t waste time typing the entire question
Use KEY words that really convey the search
What is the recommended temperature for a refrigerator?
Fridge temp
How many pregnant women give birth in prison?
Birth (prison OR jail)
prison vs jail to understand the difference

Advanced Search
or just Google advanced search

Google Operators

Implied with keywords

OR (capitalized)
Find pages that might use one of several words
(marathon OR race) AND breast cancer
(marathon OR walk) and breast cancer
“Smith denied” OR “Smith claimed” OR “Smith argued”

Quotes for an “exact phrase”
“death penalty” OR “capital punishment”
"ray charles"

Asterisk *
Place holder for words
A * in need is a * indeed

Date range
Finds pages published within the date range
earthquakes 2008..2010

Get results from certain sites or domains
Pregnancy prison site:Gov
Pregnancy prison cats
Register vote

Filetype: pdf,doc,xls
filetype:pdf prison birth

keyword around(#) keyword
What if you’re curious about search terms that are near each other on a website? [keyword] AROUND(n) [keyword] is incredibly handy for finding related terms such as “Jerry Brown” near “Tea Party.” (“n” is the number of words near the search terms.) Typing “Jerry Brown” AROUND(3) “Tea Party” will show you all the websites where the phrase “Jerry Brown” was mentioned within three words of “Tea Party.”


Other Google Features

Google alerts
Email you when crawling new websites with your search terms

Google trends
What other people are searching search
YouTube is a subset of all the video services indexed by Google.
Searching searches every service, not just YouTube.