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What is Social Bookmarking?

It's an online service that allows you to add, annotate, edit, tag, and share links of web documents.
  • These can be webpages you find interesting, articles, blogs, videos, etc.

It also allows you to find new resources through other people's bookmark lists.

Social bookmarking makes it easier to find connections with other people online who share your interests or are in your field of study!

Advantages/Disadvantages of using Social Bookmarking


  • You can make easy connections with other people interested in your field of study by "following" them
  • Tags help you search for new developments in your field
  • Aids in keeping up with the evolving vocabulary that is being used in your area of study with the use of tags
  • Can be used as an intelligent search engine when doing research


  • There is a risk of the poor use of tags as they are assigned to links by average users instead of professional indexers
  • Skewed views on subjects can be formed through the use of pejorative tags on items. Remember these are personal views on subjects/links not necessarily professional views.
  • Storing data in another location that you have to maintain. Don't try to take on too much!

Social Bookmarking Powerpoint from Grad Workshop 2014

Top Social Bookmarking Sites


•Scoop It: