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Alerts: RSS tricks

RSS Tricks

How to convert RSS feeds into email alerts:

If you prefer email alerts, you can use these tools to convert RSS feeds into email alerts:

Blogtrottr: a free website that lets you choose the frequency of emails.

Feed My Inbox: an easy to use website that will send you email digests every 24 hours. It is free for up to 5 feeds.

rss2email: a fully free software for Windows and Unix that you must download to use. It requires some configuration.

You can also set up email filters so the email alerts are automatically organized and/or sent to a folder. Here are instructions on setting up filters for Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo, and for MU student email.

How to convert email alerts to RSS feeds: 

Gmail: Sign up for a free Gmail email account and use this new email address to subscribe to RSS feeds.
Use your reader to subscribe to Google Mail Feed and sign in with your username and password when prompted.
The emails sent to this address will appear as a RSS feed.
Do NOT use this email address for personal emails as some RSS readers make feeds public allowing anyone to read them what is sent to your new address.

How to Combine RSS feeds:

Blogsieve: mix up to 5 feeds and filter the results. Free service.

RSS Mix: mix RSS feeds to make a new one. Free website. 

Yahoo! Pipes: an advanced RSS mixer

How to make an RSS feed for a website that doesn’t have one:

Feed43: free feeds updated every 6 hours

Page2RSS: free website. Optional Google Chrome extension.

Feedage: requires free registration


Additional RSS tools:

FeedRinse –a free website that lets you filter out keywords, profanity, etc. out of your RSS feeds.

  How to stop a different program opening when trying to subscribe to RSS feeds:

Some browsers have the ability to choose what program automatically opens RSS feeds.
In Firefox, go to Tools -- Options -- Applications -- select web feeds from the left-side of the list and use the right-side pull-down menu to choose a program.
If you want to use the copy and past url method, choose "preview in Firefox." This will prevent any program from automatically opening. If other browsers have this option, it will most likely be under "Tools," "Options," or "Preferences."