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Daoism: Writing & Citing

Tips, techniques & links to help you find answers for your research papers & projects

Style Guides

For most Religious Studies courses, you will cite sources in either MLA or Chicago Style.  

Both the EndNote and Zotero bibliographic managment systems come with both of these styles pre-installed - see box at right.  You may also use an online tool like this Citation Builder to format your citations.

MLA Style: Examples

How to Format MLA In-Text Parenthetical Citations

Some Examples of MLA Bibliographic Citations

lJournal Articles from a printed journal

MLA style includes the journal issue number only if each issue of the journal is paginated individually.

Kralj, Mary M. "Getting Out of the Box." Consulting Psychology
           Journal: Practice and Research
46.2 (1994): 27-28. Print.

Brown, Erella. "The Lake of Seduction: Silence, Hysteria, and the Space of
     Feminist Theatre."  JTD: Journal of Theatre and Drama  2  (1996):  175-200.

Journal Article, full text from database

Holton, Woody. "The Ohio Indians and the Coming of the American
          Revolution in Virginia." The Journal of Southern History
          60.3 (1994): 453-478. JSTOR. Web. 31 July 1998.


Sennett, Richard, and Jonathan Cobb. The Hidden Injuries of Class.
          New York: Vintage Books, 1972. Print.

Schwartz, David, Steve Ryan, and Fred Wostbrock. The Encyclopedia
           of TV Game Shows
. New York: Facts on File, 1995. Print.

Norman, Richard. The Moral Philosophers. New York: Oxford UP,
         1998. NetLibrary. Web. 14 Aug. 2001.

Article/Chapter in a Book

Cassel, Jeris, and BethAnn Zambella. "Without a Net: Supporting
            Ourselves in a Tremulous Atmosphere." LOEX of the West:
            Teaching and Learning in a Climate of Constant Change.  

            Ed. Thomas W. Leonhardt. Greenwich, CT: JAI Press, 1996.
            75-92. Print

Web Page

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site. National Park
          Service, 11 Feb. 2003. Web. 13 Feb. 2003.

Check out more examples from Truman State University's page on Assembling a List of Works Cited in Your Paper.

Citation Software

EndNote logo  Zotero logo

MU supports two software packages that will help you manage and properly format your citations.

Zotero is a free add-in to your Firefox browser.

EndNote is a program licensed by MU and free to students.