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Bar Review Guide for Missouri Law Students: 3L Year

Information about registering and preparing for the Missouri Bar.

Apply to Take the Bar

Click here to begin the bar application process.

Requirements Check-List

  • Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE)
  • Application for Character & Fitness
  • Application for the Bar Exam
  • Fingerprints sent to MBLE
  • Required documentation sent to MBLE
  • Filing fees paid when applications are submitted
  • Planning to use a computer to type your essays?  Click here for more information about using your laptop.

Deadlines for Applications & Fee Schedules

Deadline to submit an application is MARCH 1 for the July exam.

Deadline to submit an application is OCTOBER 1 for the February exam.

(Late filing with additional fee is permitted only until MAY 31 for the July exam and DECEMBER 31 for the February exam. The filing deadlines are strictly enforced. MBLE does not accept applications for the July examination before February 1 or applications for the February examination before September 1.)

Click here for a fee schedule and filing deadlines for both the July & February bar exams.

The Bar Examination is given in Jefferson City in February and in Columbia in July on the last consecutive Tuesdays and Wednesdays of those months. The February examination is administered at the Capitol Plaza Hotel, 415 West McCarty Street, telephone (573) 635-1234. The July examination is administered at the Holiday Inn Executive Center, I-70 Drive SW, phone (573) 445-8531. The bar examination schedule posts the exact amount of time allotted for the test sessions. However, the actual start times are tentative pending approval by the NCBE. Click here for the Bar Examination Schedule.