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Professional Responsibility: MPRE

This guide will help Mizzou Law students prepare for their Professional Responsibility class exam and provides information about the MPRE.

Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE)

The Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) is a 60-question, two-hour, multiple-choice examination administered three times each year, in August, November, and March.  It is required for admission to the bars of most U.S. jurisdictions, including Missouri. For a map of the states requiring the MPRE and their minimum passing scores, visit the NCBE website.  The MPRE may be taken an unlimited number of times.

-Missouri law students may take the MPRE at any time; however, many students believe it is beneficial to wait until after taking the Professional Responsibility (PR) class.  If you plan to take the Missouri Bar Exam, then the earliest MPRE for which you will be eligible is August after your 1L year  (you can take PR in the Summer session).  Please note that some jurisdictions require a certain number of credit hours before the applicant takes the MPRE. Too few hours will result in the applicant having to retake the MPRE for admission to such a jurisdiction.

-In Missouri, a passing score is 80. 

-A passing MPRE score does not grow stale or expire.

-The applicant's certified score must be received by the Board no later than one year after the date of written notification to the applicant of passing the bar examination.

-No applicant can be admitted to practice until having passed the MPRE. It is the applicants' responsibility to have a certified MPRE score reported to Missouri by NCBE.

Applicants may register for the MPRE online at Registering early will generally be cheaper than late registration. The MPRE is administered at testing centers in several cities throughout the United States and generally includes a location on the Mizzou campus. Applicants may take the MPRE at any testing center (not just a Missouri center). An applicant does not have to graduate from law school before taking the MPRE.

 For more information about the MPRE visit the MBLE website or the NCBE website 

Free MPRE Review Courses


Barbri offers a free MPRE Review course.  The course includes video lectures, outlines, and practice questions.  Click here to enroll in the free course.  Barbri also has a free app available for download in the app store.  The app has free practice questions.


Kaplan offers a free MPRE Review course.  The course includes online lectures, outlines, practice questions, and flash cards.  To learn more about the course, click here.


Themis offers a free MPRE review course with online lectures, outlines, and practice questions.  To learn more, click here.  Themis also has a free app with video lectures.  The app can be downloaded at the app store.

Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE)

The National Conference of Bar Examiners gives the following description:

The purpose of the MPRE is to measure the examinee's knowledge and understanding of established standards related to a lawyer's professional conduct; thus, the MPRE is not a test to determine an individual's personal ethical values.  The exam is based on the disciplinary rules of professional conduct currently articulated in the American Bar Association (ABA) Model Rules of Professional Conduct and the ABA Model Code of Judicial Conduct, as well as controlling constitutional decisions and generally accepted principles established in leading federal and state cases and in procedural and evidentiary rules.