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Biodesign & Innovation Fellows: Marketing Data

Tips, techniques & links to help you find answers for your research papers & projects


Finding marketing information can take a lot of digging.  Try the resources listed on this page, but if you get stuck or just need some help, please contact Gwen Gray at 

Marketing Resources

Trade associations can be excellent sources of industry information.  They conduct consumer research and surveys of members, track relevant legislation and lobby government, publish trade magazines, etc.  Check their website or call and ask what kinds of data are available. Some associations will have limited information available to nonmembers. 

To find an association, try using the index to Encyclopedia of Associations, REF HS17 .G3 Ready Reference, (ask at Reference Desk). You can also try doing an internet search using keywords, e.g. medical device association.

When looking at the website, look for sections labeled research, statistics, publications, or information for the media.  Be persistent!

Examples of trade associations with information on their website:

Medical Device Manufacturers Association
AdvaMed - Advanced Medical Technology Association
Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers of America

Trade journals can provide valuable data for the entrepreneur.  Trade associations often publish them and may provide access via their website.  You'll also find trade magazines listed in the "Industry References" section of Industry Surveys (NetAdvantage).  Use the "Journal Finder" tab at our homepage,, to see if the Libraries provide access or try the trade association's website.

Mintel provides market research for the U.S., U.K., and western Europe on consumers, their lifestyles, and the goods and services they consume.  You may find information on medical devices that are used in the home, for example, diagnostic instruments such as a glucose monitor (try searching on "diabetes"), but not those that would be used in a clinical setting.  You may also find information on potential customers.  For example, if the device you're developing would be used in gastric bypass surgery, do a search on "obesity" to find market potential.