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LibX Browser Extension: Math Library: LibX Subject Editions

Directions for installing the plugin on CAMPUS if the subject links do not work

  1. Install the generic plugin. 
  2. Click on the purple LibX 2.0 sign to the right of your search box in your toolbar.
  3. Change Edition
  4. Search for the edition you would like to install (off-campus, add "Missouri")
  5. Select the edition.
  6. Load the edition.
  7. The stacked MU logo should appear.
  8. To change the edition later, select the "About link"

Select a subject edition that best suits your needs

You may change your subject edition at any time. Click "About"

  • Select "Change Edition"


Locate your LibX Edition and Select

Off-campus LibX installation

Search for a LibX edition -- Type in missouri and select a subject edition