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Nobel Peace Prize Winners (1960 to present): Home

English 1000


Write a 5-6 page minimum essay in which you investigate and analyze one Nobel Peace Prize winner's life, work, and vision of peacemaking.  Look at many winners and lectures to choose wisely for your interest and enthusiasm. Lectures instruct and persuade audiences about particular tension issues and problem questions involved in ways of peacemaking. What's at the core of the winner's speech on non-violence? Look for the winner's stories, principles, ideology, and the call of ordinary citizens to Ways of Peacemaking. Become an expert on the lecture. Highlight the winner’s thesis, topic sentences, support evidence, and analysis. Report on background and conflict situation, the winner’s life and work (bio) and his/her particular vision of peace-making. How are we implicated in the work of peacemaking? Why are we responsible? What’s the cost if we do not take part? Show evidence from the lecture (exact quotes especially) and find an important secondary source (not the winner’s) to incorporate into your paper. Share your in-depth analysis of the Nobel Lecture—its message and meaning. Analyze the text; help audiences understand the lecture’s power (its value and worth) for us now.  Ask yourself: ok, so what?

Finding Background Information

Nobel Prize Website   Look for the section on Nobel Peace Prize.  It has a list of Nobel Peace Prize Winners, including biographies, the Nobel Lectures, interviews, photos, etc.

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