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Do you have a great idea for a potential product or service?

  • Is your idea unique?
  • Does your idea solve a problem?
  • Does your idea fulfill and unmet need?
  • Is your idea already commercialized?  If so, is your idea better than what is already on the market?

These are questions you need to ask before you decide whether your idea can be transformed into a product or service for which someone is willing to pay.  Market research can be invaluable in determining your idea's potential. 

Perhaps you have a "big" idea, but are not interested in starting a business.  Maybe you just want to create a technology or product and license it so someone else can commercialize it. 

You may be a budding entrepreneur with an idea that you want to take to the commercial market yourself.

In either case, the libraries have several resources that can provide information about products, services, markets, audiences and industries which can guide you through the various steps of selling your idea or starting a business.

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