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National History Day Resources at University of Missouri Libraries: 2019: Triumph and Tragedy

Guide for educators and students participating in National History Day projects.

National History Day Resources

Triumph and Tragedy

The Triumph & Tragedy in History theme is complex and requires you to view history through multiple perspectives. Can one person’s triumph be another’s tragedy? Can the same person or group suffer from tragedy and triumph at the same time? How does one ultimately triumph after tragedy? Can triumph lead to tragedy?

Sample Topics

As you craft a title, think about how you might address the theme in the subtitle. Any topic may have several possible ways to use the theme. Here are some examples:

•The Winter of Valley Forge: Triumph and Tragedy in the Continental Army
• The Missouri Compromise: Unable to Hold Off the Tragedy of the Civil War
• Salem Witch Trials: Triumph of Unreason and Human Tragedy
• Posthumous Portraiture: Creating Artistic Triumph out of Tragedy
• The First Battle of Bull Run: Anticipated Union Triumph Leads to Tragedy
• Hudson River Valley School: Triumph of Nature
• The Triumphs and Tragedies of the Transcontinental Railroad
• D-Day: Triumph Despite Tragedy
• Ford Motor Company’s Assembly Line: A Triumph for Capitalism
• Banning of DDT: Exposing Environmental Tragedy Leads to Legal Triumph
• Loving v. Virginia: Tragedy of Time, Triumph of Love
• Rerouting the Chicago River: An Engineering Triumph
• The Creation of the Atomic Bomb: Scientific Triumph or Human Tragedy?
• Abstract Expressionism: American Artistic Triumph
• Impressment of Sailors: An American Tragedy?
• The Tragedy of McCarthyism
• Little Rock Nine: Triumph and Tragedy of Integration
• Reconstruction: Tragedy Follows Triumph