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Animal Law: Current Awareness Tools


The following are blogs relevant to animal rights and animal law. These blogs update on animal law issues regularly, and can be a good starting point for your research when there have been recent and significant changes in the law.

1. Animal Legal Defense Fund Blog 

2. Animal Blawg

3. Pitbulletin Legal News Network

Social Media

Why follow animal advocacy groups on social media? Social media is becoming (and in the minds of many, already has become) the fastest and easiest way to transmit up-to-date news and information. Following animal rights and advocacy groups on twitter or facebook will keep you informed of daily trends and topics that could affect your practice as it relates to animal law. Though these groups have very clear agendas, most do legal work relating to animals and frequently render updates and opinions on the most recent animal law events. As time goes on, the savvy lawyer will become accustomed to social media use and the ability to use it to stay informed on the topics that affect his or her practice.

That said, legal issues pertaining to the use of social media in practice are still developing and it's good to be aware of the fact that although most Americans use social media as an informational resource, it is also distrusted by many because of the problems it can bring. Be cautious in your use of social media platforms as a practicioner. For more information about how to proceed professionally on social media, this piece by the American Bar Association may be of some use to you.



American Bar Association Page on Animal Law-ABA Journal is a news resource that ties together animal law topics as they relate to other bodies of animal law such as accident and injury law or disability law. This is a good page to keep available to stay current on recent animal law events.

The Animal Law Resource Center, in addition to having caselaw and statutory resources is the most up-to-date compilations of animal legal news from the United States and the UK.

The Huffington Post is an excellent source to navigate news stories by topic. The following are the best sections that track topics that involve animal law.

 1. Animal Rights Section

 2. Animal Cruelty Section

 3. Pitbulls Section