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Animal Law: General Information

About This Tab

Animal Law pervades many areas of law, if not most of them. These areas include: 

Administrative, Constitutional, Contracts, Corporate, Criminal, Environmental, Family, IP, International, Personal Injury, Agriculture, Food, Divorce & Custody, Entertainment, Emergency Planning, Landlord-Tenant/Property, Domestic Violence, Veterinary Malpractice, Disability and Fair Housing Act, Wrongful Death, Ownership Duties, Alternative Dispute Resolution etc.

Though this guide specifically explores criminal animal cruelty, pet trusts & breed specific legislation, this tab is meant to provide starting points if you have research geared towards other areas of animal law. Also see the current awareness tools tab for more information.

Book Resources

Existing Research Guides

The following three research guides may be of some assistance in your research endevaors:


Pros: There is no stone unturned on this guide, and the guide outline on the left of the guide is particularly helpful. This is my favorite student-created resource guide. 

From my perspective, there are no cons with this guide. I thought it was the best of the three listed here.

2. Georgetown

Pros: Clean format and only useful resources listed. 

Con: Could use more explanation in the guide itself for particular resources and why they are important.

3. Univeristy of Iowa

Pros: Quick links to useful statutory and regulatory info.

Cons: Little to no explanation of the sources or the content contained within but rather just a compilation of links.


Periodicals About Animal Law Generally

The following periodical materials are dedicated to animal law and will be helpful in gaining a basic understanding of an animal law topic. Examples and links cited from Westlaw. 

1.. Animal Law Review

Published and run by the students of Lewis and Clark School of Law, the Animal Law Review is the first law journal of its kind. 

2. Stanford Journal of Animal Law & Policy

 Though the articles here possess quality material and in-depth commentary, this journal is on a hiatus as of Fall of 2014.



The Michigan State University Animal & Legal Historical Center

By far the best, most comprehensive resource on all things animal law and animal rights, the Michigan State University Animal Legal & Historical Center provides an in-depth resource guide, led by David Favre, noted animal law pracitcioner. You can search by topic or type of legal material you are looking for. This guide contains primary and secondary materials as well as sample forms and pleadings. Its format is user-friendly and the site is easy to navigate. This is an excellent starting point for any and all research tasks on animal law issues. 

Animal Law Resource Center

The Animal Law Resource Center is an excellent website dedicated to finding statute and case law quickly. It is also a great source for staying up to date on trending animal law developments. The savvy animal law attorney would certainly tab this website and view it often. This information is free, and may be helpful when a researcher does not have access to Westlaw, Lexis, etc. on hand.